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  1. Feminism

    thats pretty pessimistic. no one will ever convince somebody of anything in this climate. thats the reason i want that the issue dissolves somehow.
  2. Feminism

    no it doesn't but it's still fuel for the other side
  3. Feminism

    is that the goal here? I didn't say that. there are not just extremist on both sides I don't know. Like i said: I don't have the solution to this problem, but I don't think she is on the right track with retweets like this. and frankly I think it hurts her cause and credibility too.
  4. Feminism

    of course, but I think it's not very diplomatic nor fruitful
  5. Feminism

    all I'm saying is she should be aware of her status and act/ tweet thoughtful.
  6. Feminism

    maybe not aggression but it's insulting and a generalization and not helpful and unnecessary
  7. Feminism

    the idiots who do things like that won't go away (well maybe if everyone ignores them forever but even than). no one is going to make them better people. but she is well educated and should act that way. but instead she answers with aggresion which is not helpfull and gives the idiots more spotlight.
  8. Feminism

    true. but I'm not speaking of those monsters, I'm speaking off the people she insults who are not sending her rape/ death threats.
  9. Feminism

    she is a important figur in this "debate" and should be aware of the effect tweets like this have on the other side. thats all I'm saying. I mean it's understandable for her to be mad, but she should know better.
  10. Feminism

    its just a comment on a comment, so I didn't really try to solve anything. I have no real good answer how to de-escalate the whole situation. it's a realy mess, but I hope we can find a solution. ok, I'm a enemy of some sorts by saying that it's inappropriate of her to retweet generalized statements about a group of people?
  11. Feminism

    retweets like this does not help "solving" the issue in any way.
  12. Feminism

    weak excuse
  13. Feminism

    yeah, more fuel, thats a good idea
  14. Saturday Morning Streams

    Pikmin 2 footage (part uno) seems to be no longer available!?!
  15. Steam Greenlight