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  1. lol ok I got it, butt I'm still interested as hell. Thanks!
  2. Hey Jake, What's the name of the boyfriend game with a dark twist? I have not heard anything about this yet. I am a mean gamer, a female attracted to the males and this sounds like the "Boyfriend Experience". If I get something out of this there's value in the game. Thanks guys! Kinda glad you recorded this episode so early. It would have been a helluvahlot sadder otherwise.
  3. Sean looks on the verge of tears, good job guys! After so many years of listening to all of you ramble on about video games that I love and making me laugh uncontrollably I just want to congratulate you on your multiple successes. You have turned the industry in your direction.
  4. Ok that's the argument against the storyline I was waiting for. Thank you, Chris.
  5. As someone who very much enjoyed not only the mechanics, visuals, and sound design in Bioshock Infinite I feel like.. and I haven't gotten past this episode yet, that you guys haven't hit upon the fact that a triple AAA game took on the idea that no matter who the controlling faction in power and the alarmist propaganda that they spout out corrupts leadership and society. Does anyone else feels like that concept was a little glossed over? -Miranda
  6. Ok well if you hadn't noticed I wasn't disagreeing with you, but as I can see by the history of this thread no one likes continuing the conversations with you because you're so damn insistent that everyone else is wrong (except for Remo). So I concede. Halo is just shit!
  7. Halo came about during a time when games were just starting to combine narrative with decent combat. It was from the beginning a very generic sci-fi story that gave you some kind of reason for why you are this character in the multiplayer world. I don't have a problem with how they wrapped it up, and honestly I think they are trying to end the Halo "saga" because it was a weak story from the beginning. Halo 4 is visually stunning, and this is to me why the reviews have been so good plus who the hell can beat how satisfying the combat is in 1-4. The game has never really been about the story and we all know this, so yes why try and force more story into the campaign when that's not really why people play it in the first place. The campaign to me was about learning the new mechanics so you can go and have a good time with your friends in whether you're playing capture the flag or slayer or whatever. Writing in games is evolving in a very positive way as you can see in the AAA games and indie world (even more so here). Halo, in the terms of game age, is a relic, and deserves it's respect for what it has accomplished. Maybe we should let it rest in peace? So for all you looking for good story in games.. go play Frog Fractions.
  8. I have to admit that as many times as I cursed the gods for there never being enough ammo/weapons when you're in the middle of a fight whether it be with the Prometheans or the Covenant I liked that sometimes I'd just have to dive into the swarm and start meleeing the hell out of everyone, because when you can pull that off you feel like a monster. Also, since I'm having to start Dishonored from the beginning again anyone notice how they have to proclaim in the beginning what "strange times" we're living in? Brings me back to the Red Dead Redemption episode where the guys brought up that they're shoving the strange and changing times in your face. I mean a plague is ravaging an alternate reality steampunk city fueled by whales... I can deduce that the times are a little strange.
  9. Mington, Yeah. I lost every damn save file, so I have to delete them and start over. Makes me want to not play anymore.
  10. Ok so I need the idle crew to help me here.. Breckon? I take back all Congrats Nicks if I can get any help. :-) Well I am stuck in Dr. Galvani's House after completing the mission for Screw Ball or whatever that thug's name is and I've gotten everything out of the house. Whenever I try and go back to the street level through either entrance my xbox completely freezes. The disk is in perfect condition. At one point before I was given this mission I entered the Galvani art house just for shits and giggles and killed a couple guards and ran out. Did that cause some glitch in the game? If so I lost a couple of missions that I completed PRETTY well which sucks. Is there anyone with any ideas about how to fix/get around this? Thanks! Miranda
  11. Sno, yeah I was told the wrong information. I was supposed to campaign with someone and he started complaining that it's a totally different story line, but he was talking about the Spartan Co-Ops. But he was misinformed, so, I played through the campaign by myself. I actually really enjoyed it.
  12. Oh I was misinformed. I think the person that told me was talking about the Spartan Ops episodic series. You should be able to play through with another person without it being different.
  13. Oh and by the way Jake the coop in Halo isn't the same as the single player storyline. It's kind of a bummer.
  14. I'm down.. let's make this happen. Mark is a white upper middle class lawyer that doubles as a Ninja.
  15. What the hell is going on with Frog Fractions.. Why am I riding a dragon??