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  1. That was pretty good. You guys have chemistry. You should consider doing a podcast on a regular basis.
  2. I empathize with your frustration. Starcraft is a deep nuanced game, and one of my favorite things about it is the sense that, if I think something is overpowered/underpowered, I can count on the fact that it's probably just that I don't understand the counter to it yet (at least at my level of play). That said, I also really appreciate that Starcraft 2 isn't the only game to do that, and at my level of play the difference between it's balance and something like Supreme Commander 2 is mostly that I can read about Starcraft in my off-time more easily than Supreme Commander 2 - And also that if Supreme Commander 2 had taken off in the same way, there probably wouldn't be much difference.
  3. General Video Game Deals Thread

    For 10$ at gamefly used. Now you can all play the DLC... oh wait it's coming to PC... i'm confused.
  4. Red Dead Redemption

    In reading this sentence "where the only real interactivity with NPC's comes through your weaponry." It struck me as both true and odd... all the things I enjoy, and all the good things I hear about the game, never involve shooting stuff. Yet that is the majority of the gameplay. I thought that I wanted GTA in a different setting, and I love the setting of RDR but for me what is good about GTA is that it is a great driving game. I do not mean that it is a racing game, but that you can drive, and do many different and interesting things while driving that react in dynamic ways. Escape from cops, be a vigilante, listen to the radio etc... that layer onto each other. In RDR the mechanic that everything is layered onto is shooting. And that makes me sad.
  5. So I bought the iPod touch version of Monkey Island

    It is frustrating. Not to defend the port, but to encourage - you do not always need to drag, you can just point and have the cursor re-appear. When exactly this works vs when I won't is difficult to explain in words but I found after about 15 mins I had moved beyond any annoyance with the interface and into annoyance that there is no good way to skip the dialog I have read (I don't care much for the voice acting and the text parses slower than I read). On the other hand, good game!
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Welcome to you.
  7. I suspected it before. But now I must face the truth.
  8. New people: Read this, say hi.

    As far as I can tell, I am not a bot. But now I really wish I was a sophisticated marketing AI program, designed to make you question if I was human or not, so that I could advertise Spy Party. Well, maybe it wouldn't be ideal for me to be the AI, but if one did exist, that would be a thing I could appreciate.
  9. New people: Read this, say hi.
  10. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello everybody, so nice to see you. I am stating a one-man movement to turn the tragedy of increasingly sporadic Idle Thumbs podcast into a revolution of activity on the forums. To paraphrase: You know, if one person, just one person does it they may think he's really sick and they won't take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony, they may think they're both just nerds and they won't take either of them. And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in singin a bar of Wuxtry! (Let the Games Begin) and walking out. They may think it's an organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day, I said fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of The Idle Thumbs Podcast and walking out. And friends they may thinks it's a movement. And that's what it is.
  11. Good Old GOG

    I rarely bought from them, but I mourn that there may not be space for them anymore. I liked the idea that a company like GOG could exist.
  12. Feel like buying it just to get the DLC? Well then look no further than Nebraska Furniture Mart, now selling Bioshock 2 for 5$ (7.43 S&H). Also, Tom Chick's kinda-review sold me on trying it.
  13. Just a post because I felt the ending of my favorite podcast deserved a longer thread. Thanks for the casts.