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  1. Regarding Chris' comment about feeling stressed about expressing his opinions on triple A games, I have to kind of admit that sometimes it can be kind of a downer to listen to some of the criticisms of some games. I don't know if it's because you guys are in the industry, so there's this version of games that you see that I don't tend to, but sometimes it can come off as being a bit cynical. Like last week when talking about Plants Versus Zombies 2, there was just this assumption that "Somewhere along the line, this game will force me to pay money to beat it" when I hear that wasn't the case and this was a rare exception to the rule. Or with the Last of Us in the context of "Surely some sequels will come out and the story will go on." which I really hope doesn't happen since all I can see is it taking away from the experience that I had with that game. Anyway, sorry if it sounds like I'm just nitpicking your opinions. In general I really love this podcast because you guys will say and think things that I normally don't get anywhere else. And you guys are smart enough dudes to express things in a way that makes sense even when I disagree with your opinions. Thanks for the podcasts and your streams (that go in my face)!
  2. BioShock Infinite

    I just finished the game on 1999 mode last night. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, since I had the experience of playing it on hard the first time around. I'm curious though, how did people handle the last siren fight and fighting against the ?volleycanon guys? In the last siren fight, I always found myself trapped in the corner with the vending machines. I'd occasionally run out and grab a weapon when I ran out of bullets (In 1999 mode I abused the mosquito and ghost weapons gear after my sniper rifle ran out of bullets). But that was sort of an unfun fight because it didn't seem like there was a good way of taking care of those guys without getting blasted to pieces. The volleycanon guys were also obnoxious since they could fire a heavy damage projectile anywhere in the map. They made the fight on the way to Emporia really annoying.
  3. I know that the main point of Karateka isn't the cut scenes or the dialogue, but something that made me really happy to find out was that the true love was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal who did the voice of the Prince for Mechner's Sands of Time game. Sadly, I have yet to beat the game with anyone but the Brute, but the game is so technically focus, I can definitely feel myself get a little bit more skilled each time I try. Something that freaked me out about playing Journey was reaching the end and going, "What are those names... Wait, those were other people?!" Not to say ignorance is blissed, but there's something so wonderful about jumping into something with limited information and discovering something for oneself. It's rather difficult these days where information just everywhere.
  4. If Mainichi is Japanese, then it's probably pronounced "My knee chee". Which would translate to mean "Every day". Seems like an appropriate enough name considering the content of the game.
  5. New Idle Thumbs Website

    Whoa, new front page splash with cryptic writings on the bottom. To what does this portent? That's Chris and Jake on the sides right? Sorry about my ignorance, but who's the one in the middle?