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  1. Well, fuck. I really wanted to play the goddamn DLC, too.
  2. No word on a PC release, eh? I really would like to play it.
  3. Minerva's Den is a day one perch for me. On PC, of course. Get that shit up on Steam, Gaynor!
  4. Sad video game music

    The choral "Agnus Dei" version of the adagio is Barber's own transcription, written nearly 30 years after his original Adagio for Strings. It's a pretty amazing piece of music.
  5. BioShock Infinite

    Bah, fuck the haters, this looks awesome. My one reservation is how similar the overall aesthetic of Columbia looks to Airborn. Even the first couple of notes in the solo violin in Irrational's trailer soundtrack sound like they're lifted from the Airborn Theme (the guitar has the theme at about 0:54) On repeated viewings the similarities are all very superficial, but the Airborn team has been chuckling about BioBorn and AirShock all morning.
  6. Costume Quest

    Man, I think it looks like a hoot, and I think this new development direction is a great idea for Double Fine. I hope it's a roaring success for them. They deserve a roaring success, for a change.
  7. Haha, Rise of the Triad, awesome. I haven't heard those tunes in ages. Where's the XBLA remake of ROTT? Someone needs to get on that, stat. A few of my faves, in no particular order: Grim Fandango Freedom Fighters (it's a tossup between that and Assassin's Creed 2 for Jesper Kyd soundtracks) SC: Chaos Theory Planescape: Torment Bioshock Silent Hill 2 MGS2 (the Harry Gregson-Williams tracks) Red Faction: Guerrilla Icewind Dale
  8. I loved SWAT 4. I doubt that we'll see a sequel from Irrational, though, unless 2K bought the rights to the SWAT IP from Activision, who bought out Sierra. I would love to see them develop a co-op-centric game with some of the same mechanics, though, a la the aborted Division 9. edit: also, I should mention that the hospital map in SWAT 4 accounts for one of my most intense single player gaming experiences ever. After failing the mission multiple times, I finally had all of the hostages secured, but my entire team was incapped and there was one terrorist left somewhere in the darkened hallways of the lower levels. I was injured and limping, and completely out of ammo. My only weapon was my taser. I must've spent a good 30-40 minutes creeping through the hallways, checking every corner, expecting at any moment to get blind-sided by SMG fire or a shotgun blast. When I finally found the last terrorist crouched in the dark behind a stack of medical supplies, I nearly had a heart attack. I tasered that motherfucker in the face and cuffed him before he could get a shot off.
  9. Far Cry 2

    http://www.pentadact.com/index.php/2008-10-24-far-cry-2-impersonation-of-a-buddy#comment-37628 To be clear, I'm not saying that the Far Cry 2 team couldn't have come to some alternate solution. I'm saying that the respawning is tied to the way the game engine handles memory, and there is nothing a user with no access to the source code can do to change that. There's no ini file to tweak, or mod to apply. I'm not complaining about it, either. Far Cry 2 was one of my favorite games of the last five years, and I personally wasn't bothered by the respawning. I do feel that FC2 is uncommonly ripe for modding, if only Ubi would have released some mod tools.
  10. The Ion Storm thing was a joke. Ion Storm closed up shop five years ago.
  11. BioShock 2

    That's really cool. I saw the blurb earlier today and wondered if Steve was involved.
  12. Idle Thumbs panel at PAX Prime

    Yes. Last year PAX was entirely sold out by the weekend of the event, and no tickets were available at the door. If you want to get in, definitely buy in advance. I've planned for months to be up at PAX on Saturday. I desperately wish that there was some convenient way to rearrange my schedule in order to be at the Thumbstravaganza on Sunday.