Trailer Sound Design

December 7, 2019

In this episode Derek and Ric talk about the unique sound design of trailers! Everything from rises to bass drops and Henry Cavill reloading his fists. You'll never listen to trailers in the same way again. Ric also dives deep into the moment to moment sound design of the new Black Widow Trailer.

Trailers Discussed or Clipped: London Has Fallen, Crank, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Fountain, The Matrix, Battleship Trailer 2, The Bourne Supremacy, Black Widow, The Fate of the Furious, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible Fallout, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Dark Knight, Antlers.

Links: Trailer Music Weekly, Score a Score, Montage MX, Robert Etoll, Boom Library, Big Fish Audio Blockbuster Trailer, Big Fish Cinematic Sound Design, Video Copilot Motionpulse, Bing Bang Boom.

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