The Matrix Resurrections & Interview w/ Phil Daccord

September 24, 2021

Phil Daccord is the legendary trailer editor of The Matrix Trilogy (amongst many many more!) and in this episode we talk about his start as an assistant searching for frames of film in literal bins all the way through being senior editor at Giaronomo Productions and now Creative Director at Ignition Creative. Derek and Ric also discuss the website and trailer for The Matrix Resurrections!

Trailers DiscussedThe Matrix Resurrections Trailer 1The Matrix TeaserThe Matrix TrailerThe Matrix Reloaded TeaserThe Matrix Reloaded TrailerThe Matrix Revolutions International TrailerThe Matrix Revolutions Enter the Matrix TrailerThe Matrix Revolutions TrailerAlice Through the Looking Glass Trailer #2.

LinksWhatisthematrix.comGiaronomo ProductionsIgnition Creative.

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