Kert Gartner & VR Game Trailers

May 15, 2020

Kert Gartner loves making VR game trailers, and he's constantly breaking new ground in virtual cinematography and mixed reality. He's been making indie game trailers for about 10 years, and with his years of experience in the feature film VFX industry, he's most comfortable making trailers in After Effects. We discuss how the heck that works, why he wouldn't have it any other way, how he got into making game trailers, and what interests him most about the work.

Trailers Discussed: Gato Roboto, Canabalt, Nidhogg, Serious Sam: Random Encounter, Hotline Miami, IceBurgers, Space Channel 5 VR, Museum of Other Realities, Genital Jousting, Minit, Dungeon Hearts, Vacation Simulator, Eighth Grade, Whiplash, Neverending Nightmares, Snow Runner, Fantastic Contraption.

Links: Virtual Cinematography For VR Trailers, Plugin Everything.

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