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Rob Zacny

Episode 272: Knights of the Sky

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In a feat more rare than a perfectly executed Reverse Cuban Eight, the entire panel is on board for this week's show. Rob Zacny, Julian Murdoch, Bruce Geryk, and Troy "Sopwith Camel" Goodfellow talk about flight during World War I. 


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Jolly good podcast, this week!

When it flies - and, oh boy, did it this week - the conversation hits my own nostalgia from the early years, adding unknown, interesting elements, I have not heard before. It is fueled by a mix of decades of experiences and moments of humor.

I chose to share the 'enthusiasm' for this "Summer of WWI/The Great War of video gaming", making me dig, buy and play all WWI games I can find (at least for a short time), read old history books again and watch documentaries and old movies. 3MA triggers and enhances the desire to do so. Thank you, for that.





PS: I would defend 'Digital Combat Simulator' and especially the A-10c Warthog module.


Yes, we all don't have time, as much as we want to, yet we all find time to sink in various games or other leisurely activities. I appreciate the existence of (highly accurate) complexity in flight simulations.

The start up procedure tutorial of the A-10c is extensive and highly informative. It makes me look up the manual and revisit things I learned in physics class. It makes me dive into subjects like avionics: flight electronics, radio communications, engines, weapon systems, etc. I learn a lot about modern aircrafts. The complexity of some of the most advanced machinery (and how 'patched together' it all really is). Bringing this kind of commitment to detail into the 'video game' world, deserves to be applauded.

I try to handle the on board computer displays during combat and fail.
I try to handle the aircraft under emergency conditions (engine failure, APU fire, etc) and fail ... and it's 'fun', because I don't have to die in real life while trying things, I will never be able to do (with my age).

Yes, it takes time. But is it not that kind of gameplay we used to cry for, in our youth?


Simulations, video games, games - doing things, without the 'real' punishment. Learning. Discovery...


And don't get me started on the DCS KA-50 or UH-1H Huey helicopters! Magnificent gameplay! (Needs far less 'button switching' in flight. You can enjoy it more; just the challenge of maneuvering the helicopter with your hopefully advanced flight controllers.)

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Have to recommend the documentary (available on YouTube):

"Flying Coffins ".

Touches on a number of the practical issues of flying a World War I airplane-and great flying scenes from Rhinebeck New York.

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