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Creeper World

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When listening to Episode of 107 3MA, I ran into a list of indie strategy games that Tom loves. One of these was Creeper World.

I picked it up on his recommendation and I loved it.

Instead of an AI, there is an ever generating "liquid" that spread from emitters around the world. You have to keep it from destroying your base and also energize some control points. You use a number of items: mortars, blasters, eventually flying bombers to thin out the liquid as it moves towards you.

Getting power to these involves gathering energy (fractal energy?), or using generators. You also need to create a network of links between all the items to provide power. The energy moves in packets that are sent down paths in a need based algorithm. It pretty unique.

The graphics are simple (which is fine), the pace is fast at times, and the threat keeps moving closer. The music is haunting and doesn't get annoying. Finally there are a couple of amazing standout maps in the campaign: Tucana, Ix, and Pyxis as my favorites. On top of that, there are some other modes outside the main story that are worth exploring. If that isn't enough, 5650 custom maps have been made so far.

I suggest checking it out. The developer is working on a third episode (yes there is also a 2nd episode that I have just started playing).

So I've shared my gem of the week. I hope somebody else picks this up and gets a chance to enjoy a truly fun game.

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I played they'll out of those games a good while ago. I really would pick up the paid versions. I too liked the idea that you were fighting an unintelligent but relentless foe. Those moments where your unattended nodes get engulfed are horrific.

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