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"Star Trek 40th Anniversary" Convention Extras !!!

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The word is "Creation Entertainment" will have some "Value Added Events" at this year's 40th anniversary celebration.

I heard it might go something like this ....

1] $30 > Jolene Blalock will utter the words "star" & "trek" -- charge calculated by number of phonemes executed per exhalation.


2] $50 > You will be afforded the priviledge of bearing witness to Colm Meaney metabolizing.


3] $15 > Robert Duncan McNeill will appear to you to be happy to be in attendance.


4] $25 > Walter Koenig's visual acuity will be somewhere in the general direction of your vicinity.


5] $75 > Brent Spiner will denounce your family & spit in your face -- mouth entry of saliva stream has $1 added per centimeter towards opening.


6] $100 > "Convention-Actually-Taking-Place" Insurance -- not subject to one's definition of actually having quote/unquote "taken place".


7] $1500 > A Guaranteed* place at the Leonard Nimoy gala luncheon

* -- Guarantee Not Guaranteed

************* d i s c l a i m e r ************* d i s c l a i m e r ************** d i s c l a i m e r ***

* A $5 Surcharge Per Centimeter Will Be Incurred Regarding Proximity To Autograph Table

* There Is A $10 "Ink Transmutation Fee" For Any Autograph Signed In A Color Other Than Black

* Identity Of Autograph May Not Necessarily Be Identical To Person Signing It

* "Creation Entertainment"® Reserves The Right To Switch Theme Of Convention To "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" At Any Time Without Notice

* $700 Ticket Price Does Not Cover Admission To Convention

* Employees Of "Creation Entertainment"® Reserves The Right To Enter Your Home At Any Time During Your Presence At Convention

To Enjoy Including -- But Not Limited To -- Snacks, Beverages & Various Tobacco Products

* "Creation Entertainment"® May, At Any Time, Replace The Patrick Stewart/William Shatner "Q&A" With Ron Jeremy & Lou Ferrigno

* A 50% Down Payment For Next Year's Convention Will Be Required Whether You Attend Next Year Or Not

* A $40 "Fantasy Occurance Fee" Will Be Incurred Whenever You Think About A SpaceShip



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