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Spacegame - need feedback

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i work on a game set in space. I am only self-taught and this is my first Unity project.
I really need some feedback from other people.

if the graphics are not too outdated/good enough and if there would be some people who would have interest in playing it.

I would really appreciate it if you would take a look.



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it looks good, I am personally interested in this type of game. However I am not to keen on any Multiplayer Aspect. You may want to try something more mission based like Star Trek Legacy. Also the models look like they could work well in a game like free space, which is a modible 3d space game with an existing ifrastructure


i myself do not have modding experience, but from some of the mods I tried it was a very good engine from a player standpoint.

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Thank you for your answer.

The Game you mentioned is known to me, and what i try to arrange is similar to that.

The models were not not done by me.

I'm still working at it.


If you or someone else have thoughts/ideas/questions for this game, you are very welcome to let me know.

It is also possible to leave any feedback on the website.


Thanks for reading!


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