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... and it is out.

What always strikes me - and leaves me confused, to be honest - are the 'early reviews'. Not just by 'professional reviewers', who played the game for a while, but also my fellow plebs, who had to offer their hard earned coins for a game key.

If you scroll down through the Steam reviews you will find e v e r y possible opinion on the game, from Chinese, to Japanese, to German and beyond. Contradictory in nature, to the point where one might ask, if two people ever played the same game?

You can find some rather 'dramatic' statements a la "after 35 years of gaming, this is my first review..." (negative), to someone else's equally long gaming history, defending the new game (or aspects of it: "It's a Paradox title ...").


One professional reviewer criticizes the tutorial for being weak and rudimentary, while another professional reviewer finds it 'brilliant'. And then you have your 'Frasier Browns' (sorry mate, but you are not alone), who see the game through their rosy PDX goggles. But you also have the other factions, who find nothing worthy in there - while also being PDX addicts with 700+ hours in CK2 and or HoI4 etc, et cetera.

I seek advise from my fellow Idle Thumbs/3MA colleagues. The smallest sample of any crowd? But peers, who play more than just one game, whose tastes are wider and widening. Find this post in a few days or weeks and explain YOUR opinion, if you could?


So far, I have learned only ONE lesson publisher Paradox has taught me: never buy any of their games on release. Even after 3+ years in the making, they most likely lack important mechanics, gameplay depth and/or polish and/or 'completion'. We live in wondrous times, where games are released and still being worked on for years to come. Nothing is 'finished' anymore. They call it "soft launch" - as if it was the latest MS Excel version, to be deployed to thousands of office workers? Everything flows ... but does it always flow 'downhill' ...?

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