CHECKMATES - Democracy Chess over!

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I made a game! Last October! And... I kind of forgot to talk about it at the time!


A few months ago, I found myself in a situation where I had some time to kill. I had just accepted a new job, but I wasn't due to start for three weeks. I thought it'd be a fun task to make a game in that time, so here we have CHECKMATES.


CHECKMATES is a chess game designed to be played via The game is hosted by a streamer, and played by the stream audience. Each player joins one of two teams and, on their team's turn, casts votes on their next move. The most popular vote at the end of a timer is taken as the played move.


If you want to host your own games, you can download it here:




I'm going to try and set up a stream over on at some point this week. I'll announce the date and time of the stream as soon as I know when I'll be free.

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