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[Dev Log] SMASH: That Brain with a Rock

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Pod of inspiration: Terminal7 Episode 18: Smash That Brain with a Rock

This is going to be a dumb physicsy twin stick brawler thing about a disembodied brain named Smash who has a rock on a chain which he uses to hit bad guys. I guess he does this so he can hack the Gibson or something, to stay in keeping with the cyberpunk theme of Netrunner.

As I see it, the Minimum Viable Product is:

  • an isometric arena
  • an object that resembles a brain, if you really squint your eyes, which has a little rotating arm.
  • Twin stick controls. One will control the direction Smash moves, the other will rotate the arm, which (I hope????) will confer physics power upon the rock on a chain
  • evil BLACK ICE (which will probably be represented by cones with angry eyes), that spawn in and come at you, which will disappear when they are hit with the rock
  • a score that increments when you biff evil BLACK ICE
  • difficulty (represented by number and speed of evil BLACK ICE) that ramps up over time
  • a health value for Smash that will decrease when the evil BLACK ICE touches Smash
  • a failure state when you lose all your health

Stretch Goals

  • assets that look like anything
  • sound effects
  • sweet cyberpunk music
  • hi-score leader board
  • immersive screen shake
  • Title Screen

To accomplish this I'll be using Unity for the first time.

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