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Found 1 result

  1. Windows 8

    Hilarious «Windows 8 is coming» Game of Thrones meme image. I just ran the Win8 upgrade assistant thing on my computer, and it let me buy a Pro license key for almost nothing (It's 25 dollars, and, amazingly, it's almost exactly that in my Norwegian socialist kroners, which, when you're used to Steam, feels pretty sweet.) After receiving the key, I interrupted the process and ran it again, and it let me buy another one. It never told me the type of license it was (full, PC builder's thing, non-working and invalid), and I guess I could run it a couple more times if I needed additional licenses, though the offer expires January 31st. It appears to phone home a whole lot, so I'm trusting Microsoft not to let me do something wrong here with regard to my current license. You can buy the license(s) by heading to http://windows.micro...-US/windows/buy, downloading and running the assistant. I don't think I'll actually use the license until I get a new PC next year (for SimCity) so I guess I'll find out if I made a fool of myself then. If it sounds like I've been a secret Microsoft Windows 8 sleeper spam bot all this time, just remember: Microsoft would never say piss fuck shit. edit: Oh, and I guess I should say I would be pretty excited for Windows 8 if it hadn't been for what seems like a transition to this new touch interface performed with a thoroughness and confidence that probably isn't warranted. I really like what they did with Windows 7, and I'm looking forward to them taking a lot of that stuff even further (like the new file operation dialogs, etc.) and I think the idea of building proper touch support into the core of the OS is a smart move and a no-brainer. I'm not convinced ripping out the start menu at this point is the best move, though. It's cool to, for once, see Microsoft being really confident about a big change, all Apple-like, tearing out old stuff and saying «all right, this is the way it's gonna be,» but I'm afraid they're introducing some serious annoyances to me, the regular, non-touch PC user. I'm guessing a lot of you have played around with, or used in anger, Windows 8 on your home/work computer. What do you think? Is the Metro a pain in the ass?