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  1. So, we have decided to start up a game of Rimworld where we all start with the same save on crashdown and see what happens to everyone after that. Update: File is here. Copy the file into C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld\Saves and relaunch the game:) Good luck! I'm proposing the following settings: Default Narrator on medium difficulty 3 Colonist crashdown Minimum rerolls of characters to fill up minimum viable starting skills No mods (had a bad experience with one) though feel free to add QoL mods in if you think they will be stable with a no mod save Iron man - Update: Tested Linux generated iron man save game in windows machine with no issues. I'll post up the save late tonight my time, but fee free to DL and grab it whenever you want. Once the file is up, this will morph into a storybook of our parallel universes. In so far: dibs ratamero lastair superbiasedman vasari brkl (do it) Taking requests for: Colony Name Colonist Names