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  1. When to start my dev blog

    I've been developing a game for about a month, and I wanted to start talking about it. However, I wanted to start a dev blog to explain how I design different features in the game. Unfortunately, these features are all 'pie-in-the-sky' mechanics now; they haven't been implemented at this moment. My game's still in the prototype phase (i.e. cube prefabs make up the environment, basic player movement is set up), so I'm not confident enough to show off any screenshots of the game so far. As you can tell, however, a part of me still wants to go ahead and start talking about it. I know I'm being cagey about what my game actually is, and that's the problem. I want people to know more about what I want to put into the game (e.g. how I want to handle enemy AI and earning experience, what the player will be able to do through the game, how I'm handling death). Should I listen to my gut and talk about my development process, or should I keep quiet until I have something to show to the readers?