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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem

    Hello there! So; I'm an avid Close Combat fan, and out of all the games in the franchise, Last Stand Arnhem is in my personal opinion one of the better iterations of it. That being said, I am currently doing a playthrough of it for youtube. Now, I've played these games since the 90s, and overall racked up more hours of game-time spread across the various iterations of it than any sane human should. I suppose a good side-effect of this is that I am quite experienced with the games at this point in time! I'm playing on Elite difficulty, and given the chance, I always try to make things as hard and challenging for myself in each and every battle, barring stifling myself intentionally. Since you can edit your opponent's troop composition, I will always replace redundant units with useful ones, and if he for some reason isn't fielding as much armour as he could, I will make sure he does, so that my challenge increases, and his chances of winning increases with it. I know the AI isn't a he/she, but sometimes it feels better to humanize my computer adversary! I will start off playing through the grand campaign with the Allies, and afterwards I'll go through it with the Germans. I'll update this post with a link for the German playthrough when it's out there! At the time of writing this, there are 24 episodes currently out, but more will come rapidly, and by the time you read this, there is a good chance the playthrough is finished! Links follow below: Hope you'll enjoy! Don't be afraid of leaving a comment or subscribing - it truly makes my day when people do! Have a good one!
  2. Close Combat 3 The Russian Front

    Hello again, good people! So, I've just started a playthrough of Close Combat 3 The Russian Front on my youtube channel. I'm a seasoned veteran of the series, and will be playing through it on the hardest difficulty. I'll try to offer up some tips and knowledge as we move along through the episodes! This is my favourite CC game of all times, mainly due to the roster system, and the fact that you follow only one army group (your own) through the war, that you can modify, upgrade and replace the composition of as you move along. This is something I wish more CC games would do, as it really gets you more connected to your units. Early on you will, as the Germans, be up against fairly weak Russian forces, but as the campaign progresses, this will, as it did historically, be switched around slowly but surely. Should you choose to play as the Russians, obviously the opposite would be true. In my eyes, this game is truly a gem, and no other CC game has had the same thrilling core mechanics to it since. Unfortunately. Numerous improvements have been made in the franchise, but this always has been, and always will be my favourite. Unless of course they take what really worked with this game and implement it in newer ones of course, but the way thing have been going with the franchise lately, gameplay-wise, I don't see that happening, and I see them continuing down a downhill slope. At least subjectively from my standpoint. Either way! The first episode is linked below! The rest can be found on my youtube channel, in the Close Combat Playthroughs playlist section. Hope you'll find it a decent watch, if you choose to check it out - and have a good one!
  3. Panzer Corps / Allied Corps DLC

    So! I've recently gotten back into the Panzer Corps games - a series of games of which since it's conception I've spent several thousands of hours with! Not to mention the game which it is the spiritual successor of - Panzer General. Both of which are absolute masterpieces in my mind. I've played through all the campaigns on some of the hardest difficulties several times over, not to mention countless mods over the decade(s). I find this game to have great re-playability for a game that does not have randomly generated maps. The vast selection of units and all the situations you get yourself into, makes each playthrough feel different, and make a story of it's own unfold, and I love it! Now, I've decided to take my love for it, and put out a playthrough of each the campaigns on youtube, on one of the bonus difficulties you unlock when you beat the game on the hardest difficulty. I already did this many years ago on my old youtube channel, and apparently for some reason unbeknownst to me, the videos became quite popular, racking up several tens of thousands of views individually. Sadly, for reasons I'm not sure of, I no longer have access to that youtube channel, and the videos are no longer out there. Well. I'm about to fix that! I don't have my hopes up for reaching this amount of views this time around, but I do know this - I will have a damn good time making these videos! That being said - below I'll link you the first episode in the Allied Corps playthrough - the rest can, as you might expect, be found on my youtube channel! Episode 1 - Border Raid I've included the thumbnail from youtube as an attachment for visualization. Hope you'll enjoy them! I'll be sharing some "tips" and a bit of my experience as we move along through the episodes! Have a good one!