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  1. Huh, what's this? If you're interested in discussing video games, amateur video game development or secret hints, you need to join #idlethumbs on QuakeNet! It's an internet chat room like in the 90s, and we discuss things and issues on there, like what video games are fun, how to do a thing in Unity or post Vines of how our next racing game is coming along. #idlethumbs? Sounds like a hashtag to me, old man! No, this is a channel on IRC. Okay I'm sold. How do I join? Joining is easy and free! You'll need an IRC client, such as: mIRC (Windows) Xchat (Windows, Linux) LimeChat (Mac) Colloquy (Mac) Pidgin (Windows, Linux, Mac) (In your browser!) Install or start the client, join a QuakeNet server. You can find the closest one to you here. After connecting, join the channel #idlethumbs.