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  1. RTX 2000 series GPUs

    Has anyone been paying attention to the hubbub surrounding the RTX 2080 and 2080 ti? This ars technica review does a good job summarizing things without too much jargon, and this comment seems to boil it down to a single (if over-simplified) sentence. I am shocked by the price tag ($1,200 USD for the ti - a consumer-grade card), and I find myself wondering if there will be some consumer backlash that leads to a price-drop. However, nvidia has never been flexible on price-points in the past and it does seem like there is a fair amount of actual new hardware on the boards... so I am not holding out hope for that, personally. It seems like if you want to game at 4k/60 or 1440p/144 nvidia is the only game in town, and they know it. I will probably get one, and then feel like a bit of an idiot for doing so As an aside, I know this is not directly video gaming related, but I don't see a better board so here we are.