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  1. Is there a major reason why most video game characters don't talk over each other? I've noticed how wierd its absence is ever since I saw (oddly enough) an anime called Red Garden. Specifically, I'm talking about a scene where a main character and her ex-boyfriend were getting into a heated argument about whether or not she was dating a teacher. The main thing I noticed, however, was how both character were constantly yelling over each other's words trying to get their piece in. It added immensely to the scene's believability (it even shocked me a bit). Ever since that scene, I can't help but notice how dry video game dialogue sounds in comparison. This is especially true in adventure games (yes, even The Walking Dead), where the characters are clearly pausing to allow for another animation or part of the scripting to play through before the player can continue with the game. It's even more showing in adventure games when the player is clicking/pressing buttons on objects to potentially solve a puzzle only to stiffly 'talk' to the player and note that the object is useless of that the player is daft for thinking the object would work in the first place. Now granted, some games have good (even great) dialogue... as long as it doesn't relate specifically to (or contradict) the gameplay. Any time the characters go from engaguing in a dramatic conversation to talking about what I need to do to move the story forward, it always takes me out of the experience. Also, any character that wants to "get out of the game" (i.e. not be a bad guy) always seems to turns arounds to gun down tons of thugs at the drop of a hat for some NPC he just met a couple of seconds after said conversation. It's extremely jarring when, in An Elysian Tail, Dust is still willing to kill some of the enemies in the game after findint about their past and eventually vowing to help them out through the rest of the story. Unfortunately, I can't remember a game where there were no situations where the diaolgue didn't break the experience for me at any point. Than again, I can't find out a proper way to fix this issue, nor can I find many games that are using dialogue as I wish (again, I know The Walking Dead exists). Do any of you guys know of any ways game writers could fix this problem or any games that are doing interesting things that other games could implement in their dialogue systems?