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  1. Portal 2

    Was listening to latest Podcast17 episode and they mentioned a Portal 1 mod/map that includes lots of goodies from the Portal 2 demo including repulsion gel, laser cubes and the like. From what I've heard, the author does a really good job simulating them in Portal - pretty interesting: http://myaperturelabs.com/file.php?id=401
  2. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    Perhaps it's a semantic issue with our definitions. I am using the word in an aesthetic sense, akin to, "Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other 'bugs'", so not a programmatic glitch, or unintentional glitch - but using it intentionally as a visual or art form. What I meant by unrealistic is that when you get hit = corruption happens, or maybe a bit of grain, or pixelation. It's being used a damage mechanic instead of a realistic mechanic. For example, firing a shotgun beside a camera could in fact cause ACTUAL video signal corruption - maybe, maybe - maybe even a bit of grain. But that's not what is happening in the game. Those things are triggered by your character getting hurt ONLY. Does graininess happen when bad/good guys are getting blown away in Heat or Public Enemies? No, it's all natural and isn't manufactured, it's real, right from the camera. There is no camera in Kayne & Lynch therefore it's not realistic - everything is manufactured, programmatically, therefore using the "glitch" as a derivative artform. Kayne & Lynch 2 and Blacklight: Tango Down are two examples in the last couple months that have used the "glitch aesthetic/art" as a visual style (like the movies I listed previously). I'm sure there is other examples recently as well.
  3. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    I understand the intention is not to intentionally create "glitches", but the "glitch" aesthetic is being used as an art so-to-speak. It's not exactly subtle either, to a point where it is completely unrealistic (from a technical viewpoint) like Cloverfied, Terminator Salvation, Diary of the Dead or Quarantine (07'-08'). It's being used as a visual device, something to "define" it... make it stand out... kind of like a Mann movie (but less grainy and more data corruption-y). What I mean to say is that it was popular in movies for a brief time, now it is finding it's way in games recently... that's the comparison I am making. https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Glitch_art
  4. Aquaria

    I don't know about the rules about resurrecting pretty old threads, but I thought I would give this game some new light without starting a new post. I got this game as part of the Humble Indie Bundle and this has been by far my favourite of the 5-6 games. In fact, I would say this is probably one of my favourite indie games of all time... wait, actually, one of my favourite games period. It truly is a Zelda meets Metroid meets Ecco the Dolphin type of game for me. The adventuring, the item collection, the power-ups, the boss battles, the huge exploration of the world. There's something there that just clicks for me. I'm about 6+ hours in and I am rewarded anew each and every hour with new things I find, new bits and pieces of story, exploring... I love the exploration. The world is so open, new and exciting... but yet confined to tunnels and passages and maze-like structure of the underwater. Anyways, if you haven't tried this yet, you should! This contends with any triple A game in terms of gameplay, even three years later.
  5. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    I find the marketing and design/art direction intriguing; however, intrigue doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the gameplay or it being a "good" video game. It kind of already seems like we went through the glitch aesthetic cliche though... maybe that was only movies though (ala Cloverfield)... now it's found it's way into video games through Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and the new shooter, Blacklight: Tango Down.
  6. Sad video game music

    Wow, I was also going to mention Daggerfall... there's many somber tracks in it to be sure. vititmYVi0s There's some great pieces in the Ultima series too. (uggggh nostalgia!) PJGMHROZHGA Shadowrun on the SNES: dYsSgZ5aAkw
  7. These rapid-fire-episodes are bitter sweet. Bitter in that it won't be long until it will stop FOREVER... until some people from the community make "The Idle Thumbs Fans Podcast for Fans, Guest Starring Jeff Goldblum, Director of Good Stuff".
  8. Torchlight 2

    Sorry, I was too quick writing that post, I re-wrote it to make sense.
  9. Torchlight 2

    Why would they do this? The forum and the internet as a whole has screamed at them over no multiplayer. Then they said their next one was going to be an MMO. I guess, realistically, there is less to do to their core engine and platform to make it co-op-y over making it MMO-y. This seems like a weird move sales wise. The second co-op version will not sell nearly as much as an MMO would. Torchlight, more like "Loot Clicker" amirite? Anyways, bad jokes aside, this was truly a good game, and I don't care overly about the MMO thing - It would be very cool, but I guess I can settle for co-op.
  10. *Rips up my giant multi-8.5x11"-paged poster of Chris Remo's face that hangs over my bed*. You were the chosen one!
  11. Alien swarm

    Having so much fun with this so far. I've gone through the game like 4 times now and still having fun, especially now with trying new campaigns available on the Swarm Armory site. I'm thinking of making my own just for fun. Also, I just got the Outstanding Execution achievement which is "Complete a campaign on Normal difficulty or harder without any marines dying." - this one was tough especially playing with randoms. I think I am going to try a run on Insane mode soon.
  12. +2309031293203 points for throwing in a Horse Bag reference.
  13. The Arcade

    Hmmmm, new favourite band. I'm liking a lot of their other stuff. I'm a sucker for electro hip-hop especially when it's video game (80's) influenced. Too bad they seem like senior super douches in some interviews.
  14. Nobody with this one yet? Secret of Mana: SnsJI4rmoVE I know it may be nostalgia talking here, but the beauty of the opening piece, "Angel's Fear" is amazing - even more so when you know the story and ending of the game. It is composed by Hiroki Kikuta. I also love this OverClocked Remix of it: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01172/ I also love tons of Mega Man stuff as other people mentioned, but I think some of the best of it was in Mega Man X: ADK_l9uz_C0 It lacks some of the sophistication that some of the later in the series were to perform, but the energy (albeit a bit cheesy for some now) is intense all throughout. Some of my other favorites that have already been mentioned: Portal, Deus Ex, and Donkey Kong Country. I want to put some Half-Life stuff in there, but only a couple tracks from each game have been "really good".
  15. Dragon Age II

    More like D2agon Age. If only Dragon Age had a multi-player element we would see a Valve-esque boycott group started for the sequel releasing so soon after (ala what happened with Left 4 Dead 2).
  16. Real ID on Blizzard Forums

    Seems like a pretty weird move to make. Maybe there's some hidden motives: real names = less people will use it = less people to moderate?
  17. Engineer Update

    It's times like these where I need there to be internet at my new house SOON.
  18. Warcraft Adventures (old old stuff)

    Even as a 11-13 year old, with some of the humor escaping my nubile mind, I still believe PC Accelerator to be some of the best gaming editorial that ever existed in a print product. Or at least, some of the "best" in a gimmicky, humorous, alternate media sense. I think i'm going to find my stash and take a trip down nostalgia road soon, and maybe understand some of the jokes better.
  19. Warcraft Adventures (old old stuff)

    Back then it hurt me almost as much as seeing advertisements for Duke Nukem Forever in PC Accelerator (uuuhhh, nostalgia!) and asking my parents to get it for me for Christmas - it was that Christmas that I learned about the concept of a game being canceled or delayed. :\
  20. Portal 2

    I just heard about the whole Playstation Steamworks thing too. This could mean a lot to the whole Valve/Steam non-platform specific gaming empire. Mac/PC/PS3... wait, what about Xbox? *Insert Price is Right failure horn sound* It seems so weird how dismissive they were about Playstation over Xbox... it's like they are switching places with the Steamworks though. I'm optimistic about it, but is there any official information about what Steamworks means on the PS3? I know this isn't all that related to the thread...
  21. Buying or building a PC

    This is a very nice thread, thanks for the information! As for cases, NZXT has some really beautiful (and somewhat expensive) cases. I'm not a fan of 23090239 LEDs with clear panels, so I am personally going with the sexy Antec P183 for my next case: http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=MTgwOA==
  22. The All New XBox Gamertag Exchange Thread!

    I don't remember posting in here, so if I already did, I'm sorry http://live.xbox.com/member/Drathy
  23. I listened to the this podcast once and it sounded like Fold Goggold Jeff Goldgate Jeff Jeffgold Foldgold Blumgold Cool Jeffjeff Gatecool Game Coolcold Blum Gateblum Coolgold Goldjeff Game Gamegame Gate Oldgold Jeff Goldblast Jeff Gotgamesgold. Cool cool cool game.
  24. A Life Well Wasted: Big Ideas

    Wow, I actually can't wait to go back to work after a week off to listen to this. I've been waiting so long for this, I think I listened to the rest of the episodes like 4 times each.
  25. Portal 2

    Speaking of the Playstation'ers - I know there is lots of people that hate Valve over their comments and actions against the PS3 platform. Imagining this, I doubt many of them will support Valve ever, even with their games being ported over. Just a sad note