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  1. Spelunker HD

    Because you should never have idle thumbs... you should be using them to play VIDEO GAAAAAMES. On a related note... not sure about the graphics on this. It's a re-make, but it looks more like a de-make with graphics and texture aesthetic taken straight from half-D platformers from 1995-8 (I'm thinking of Creatures 2). So yes, I am not applying! I need not apply!
  2. Never playing Super Meat Boy again.

    That would make less sense since there still could be games that aren't listed on the site yet that you could play erroneously. Saying which games are 100% safe would have no room for that error. But I digress... I will most likely be getting this game on PC pretty soon.
  3. Never playing Super Meat Boy again.

    Yikes, you must have it pretty tough. I did a quick search and couldn't find relevant for "epilepsy gaming", time to make a niche blog about which games are safe?
  4. Recettear: An Item Shop's Sale

    I think I'll probably be getting this due to hype here and gameplay videos. What? Can you actually complete Minecraft? I'm assuming you mean the single-player stuff, but I thought there wasn't an ending? Sorry, I don't know much about the single-player.
  5. Every FPS should have Cacodemons in them. I love those things.
  6. Tomb Raider

    As part of the reboot I think she needs to go from a double D to like a B or C. Hopefully gamers have grown past that whole boobs = BUY! thing, but probably not. People are sad.
  7. I am disappoint with the internet... Sprite spite!

    I get angry (being a web designer/developer) when I say, "That's a great idea", then never do it, then see it done like a year later. This has happened like 10 times so far and it's why I am not a millionaire, I swear!. Also I don't get interviewed like people that make Mega Man art, so that sucks too.
  8. I am disappoint with the internet... Sprite spite!

    I do agree with that point. That is some very clever design going on. I also think it's much more interesting on a personal note.
  9. Deus Ex 3

    PC games are terrible: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2010/11/30/deus-ex-inhuman-revolution/ This is quite the double edged sword. On one hand, this is the only way publishers see a return on producing a physical copy of the game… it’s a way to fund the huge cost of traditional copies. It also becomes terrible in this instance (offering game-changing bonuses). On the other hand, if this method dies, and is discouraged, we won’t be seeing physical copies of PC games anymore which will be the greater loss (for me anyways).
  10. 6plinter Cell

  11. Recently completed video games

    I beat some things recently: Worms 2 - Believe it or not, this game runs on Windows 7... barely. Also, it has 45 single-player missions which for the most part are poorly designed; however, one mission, 44 in particular is insane. You have to find a way to glitch the engine/AI to be able to beat it, was this a joke or something in the Team 17 team? But anyways, it's still an integral part of my teenage years and I love it (just not the single-player). Halo 3: ODST - My favourite Halo is recent memory... definitely surpassing 2 and 3. I just loved the atmosphere and soundtrack so much, and the departure from the typical Halo "save the universe thing" was nice. Vindictus - My bimonthly affair with a random new MMORPG set my sights on this gem. Was excellent until I got bored (not saying it's boring, that's just how I am with MMOs). Very high polish with neat, unique gameplay. Issues: Lag and story (but hey, at least there was some story).
  12. Just picked this up and have been playing it. 100% this game is going to be quite the challenge I think... more so than New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's quite fun, imaginative and dynamic (love the background/foreground shifting). Really enjoying it so far.
  13. Warface

    Masterdeath Bulletsrain Bloodpool Warcrimes Broken families, war in the middle east, and world poverty (Episode II)
  14. I am disappoint with the internet... Sprite spite!

    I don't read things! I'm really not trying to piss you off or anything, I just wanted to share I think I can I can not be upset about getting over the fact that you thought that I needed to get over you getting over being upset.
  15. I am disappoint with the internet... Sprite spite!

    Not a baby, but yes, order me 1000 of these. Quantity over quality of course!
  16. I am disappoint with the internet... Sprite spite!

    Tanukitsune, the internet! It happened again! http://myburningeyes.deviantart.com/art/Super-Mario-Shrooms-133305479?q=gallery%3Amyburningeyes%2F1693282&qo=31 http://myburningeyes.deviantart.com/art/Super-Mario-Shrooms-2-161704920?q=gallery%3Amyburningeyes%2F1693282&qo=8 http://myburningeyes.deviantart.com/art/Super-mario-shrooms-3-163262004?q=gallery%3Amyburningeyes%2F1693282&qo=7 http://myburningeyes.deviantart.com/art/Super-mario-shrooms-4-168749776?q=gallery%3Amyburningeyes%2F1693282&qo=4
  17. Green Man Gaming

    I haven't heard of this site before, but I guess it's kind of like a Steam-thingy that has it's own client but allows trade-ins? It's kind of weird... they are also doing a huge deal/sale thing that allows you to purchase any game, then trade it/give it back for a refund of the full price (minus $1). So it's basically like $1 rentals, online. I've also heard that this is refunded in store credit; however, it can be used for future purchases through their service which stocks a huge pile of euro-pc titles, obscure titles, and other indie-esque stuff. They have ALOT of cheap games with some ranging in the 90% off margin. Furthermore, with their normal trade-in system, you can buy some games for like $2 then trade it in for 50 cents store credit, or just keep it. http://www.greenmangaming.com/games/?o=price BUT WAIT - I've heard some bad things about their downloader and DRM methods. Supposedly you have to log in every three days or you lose access to your games? I haven't confirmed this or even used the service (yet?) but for a couple bucks I can get a lot of games. Read the comments on the RPS post: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2010/11/26/green-man-gaming-offering-1-trial-weekend/#comments
  18. Warface

    It literally will blow your (war)face off! -IGN.com
  19. Recently completed video games

    I was thinking the same thing too... but they also mentioned "TLJ" (The Longest Journey) had sad music in the sad music thread. It's definitely not an automated bot, but perhaps a human that knows some... stuff... about stuff, then posts some stuff.
  20. HELPS!

    If you have Windows 7 Professional, you have the options for every compatibility mode under the sun; however, if it's just standard - I think there is still a Windows 95/98 mode? Have you tried any of those settings? You can also check off things like: Disable visual themes, disable desktop composition, disable display scaling. Right click the .exe(s) and look for these settings under the "Compatibility" tab.
  21. Ultraboost Roll Call is pretty hilarious... great job.
  22. Double Fine's next new game announced: "Stacking"

    George Bush doesn't care about b... Double Fine doesn't care about pc games.
  23. Sad video game music

    Track 4 (Deference for Darkness) a70h0cX8AMM Track 4 is split into three parts (or separate songs). If you want to hear my favourite track in the whole or game, or like... any game, forward to the 3 minute mark; however, the sad song is the first one in the series, and I guess the third one is pretty somber as well. I just connected with Halo 3: ODST's soundtrack so much... I love so many songs from it.
  24. I will definitely be picking this up to play with the GF. She seems pretty interested in it even though she doesn't like plat-formers anymore (but used to in the days of SNES - figure that one out?).