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  1. Minecraft

    I like how two amazing fan-videos came out at the same time.
  2. Not so much interested in another Zombie FPS - But the RPG and realism elements might just win me over.
  3. Anyone Remember?

    I think what we truly need is every episode transcribed into text form. Who's up for it?
  4. A Valley without Wind

    Terrible programmer art aside, sounds relevant to my interests for sure. I love procedural/terrain generation (something I am currently working on myself).
  5. My girlfriend and me finally did manage to beat this. The hardest parts for us was world/area 4 - the one where they introduce trial and error mine cart levels. Everybody knows the waggle for the rolling was a terrible idea, it's just not accurate enough. Thankfully it's not that "necessary", you still have to use it in spots, but rarely enough that it's not terrible. You also get better at it over time as well. The game was really polished and loved a lot about it. If I had to to pick the only faults in this near perfect re-imaging of DKC - it would be the waggle and some co-op issues (some of which was described by Nappi). Having said that, I'm not a masochist, so I will not be 100%'ing this game.
  6. Monday Night Combat

    Yes, very thankfully. Steam server support is also integrated (ie. "Join This Game/Server" from Friend windows.
  7. Monday Night Combat

    I bought it for the price point, not the TF2 items, I assure you.
  8. Osmos

    Sorry, I really had to bump this. As part of the Humble Indie Bundle part deux, I picked this up. It was incredibly enjoyable all the way through until I hit F3C3... the last level so to speak. The one where you have to suck up 4 attractors. It's by far the longest lasting level. The issue that I have with it is... it's impossible. I played through the entire game in 4 hours, until this level, which I am now well into the 10 hour mark just on the level (so 6-ish hours trying over and over and over). People say the difficulty spike is too steep, well I want to say, there's no difficulty spike, there's just this level, then the rest of the game... there's no spike, they are just separate games. I know, maybe I am being a bit dramatic. But the reason for this is I am looking for advice. There's no FAQ for this game and I am looking for pointers.
  9. I'm sure there's tons I can't think of from my childhood; however, one that stands out was Goldeneye 007. I probably did know about "James Bond" existing, but I remember not even knowing Goldeneye 007 was part of it until much later; however (again) I did not care at all, and would of never watched all the bond films otherwise - which me and my friends proceeded to do marathoning through the game and movies many weekends to come.
  10. Hacking

    Shadowrun (SNES) has a hacking mini-game "Matrix" that is kind of like Minesweeper. (look at around 0:40)Dystopia, Half-Life 2 modification has a hacking mechanic (it's more integral to the game in certain game types) that is a 3D virtual-world physics-based puzzles. (look at around 1:20)I'm sure there is tons of other examples in the Cyberpunk genre as well. *EDIT* Alien Swarm has a linear-style Pipe Dream hacking system. I can't find a video of it though.
  11. Recently completed video games

    Wow, this is something very obscure from my childhood gaming that I forgot about until I seen it here. Definitely want to give this a go, the MS-DOS version of course.
  12. Idle Thumbs wins an award

    All I could hear when I seen the front page news post was "hoooooraaay for yooooou" in a whiney Chris Remo voice. Too bad that a meme for only one episode.
  13. Recently completed video games

    Yoshi's Island DS - I had high hopes for this game when I first started it, several months later after chipping away, I have beat it; however, there's no way I would ever complete this. This game is much harder and much more chaotic then the SNES counter-part. There's really just too much there to get 100%. I also don't like the switching of babies. It was cool for a bit of variance, but when they make you need to play a level 100 times to get 100% because of baby-specific puzzles or secrets/coins/mini-games it's really hard. Donkey Kong Country Returns - This game pains me so much. The visuals, the level design, and art is just so beautiful and rivals anything on any other platform in terms of beauty/dynamics. BUT! Why did Retro have to map the stupidest controls. Why do I have to waggle to do such a context and action-focused movement such as the roll? There's huge issues with it, but I eventually got used to randomly dying sometimes by waggling the wrong way, or it not triggering properly. It's also hard as shit (starts around World 4), which I can forgive as well since it genuinely made me better at the game eventually. Tetris Attack (SNES) - My favourite Tetris game of all time, even though I'm not that great at it. It's been seeing a lot of play around my house lately with my friends competing in versus. I beat the single-player versus mode on medium, and working my way through the stage select mode (which is insanely hard). Lazy Brain Games - Basically played/beat everything from Lazy Brain Games (http://lazybraingames.wordpress.com/) including getting #1 for Cyborg Virus leaderboard! These are fun 1-level retro style proof of concept games that are enjoyable for about a half hour each.
  14. I know the Super Mario All-stars + SMW were fairly rare in their NA release, so I assume the PAL versions were even more so rare. This was mainly due to it being released so late in the SNES lifespan. But it is real: http://www.rfgeneration.com/cgi-bin/getinfo.pl?ID=E-044-S-01301-A Tanukitsune, I also care about non-Nintendo collections; however, I just seem to have a lot of Nintendo stuff in my collections because that is what I grew up with. More importantly, I have a lot of PC stuff (biggest that I've seen), which is basically worthless to most collectors.
  15. Bulletstorm Might Be the Next Serious Sam

    Motherfucking ya limp-dick bitches! Who's the dark-past biotic bitch now? This game is going to drop-kick your face with awesome. BITCH! XTREME! Lock n' load!
  16. You are definitely getting better cutting up/mixing up the words and lyrics.
  17. I want this to die so badly. Not only die, but like never exist in the first place.
  18. The Humble Indie B2ndle

    I just day 1 perch'ed this red hot snapper! (2 fish jokes) Sweet. I do have already have Braid, but I discounted my donation for the oversight .
  19. World of Poo

    I played the Humble Bundle version of the game so I did not get any "awards". At this point I was almost expecting some type of achievement system in the game but was pleasantly surprised with the absence. I cannot speak to that part of it, but I can speak to the part where it being a genuinely good game. I think it bridges that gap for me, the gap between adventure games and puzzle games. I'm terrible at adventure games, but maybe a little better at puzzle games, so I was able to complete it without any hints/FAQs. I can't say the same for ANY adventure games I have tried so far. Admittedly, I am getting in the genre a little late in my life.
  20. GOTY.cx 2010

    I don't play new games, only baby and bullshit games Guess that means Starcraft 2 is my one and only default GOTY 2010. I guess I did play Donkey Kong Country Returns as well, but I'm not done... and it definitely isn't a GOTY.cx, but rather, just a plain goatse.cx
  21. World of Poo

    What's there to hate? Simple physics-based game mechanics, good music/sounds, cool graphic aesthetic, fun gameplay? 4/5!
  22. Mass Effect 2

    "EA is going to make a mass affect in some employee's life today." -IGN.com (reporting on the leak)
  23. Tomb Raider

    I love Mega 64: ktNgVmySQ5k
  24. Indie Advent Calendar!

    I think ThunderPeel2001 said it best. I personally write on this forum exactly in the same bullshit, tongue-in-cheek, jokingly, non-sense (meme) driven, sarcastic tone, that the Podcast maintained because I absolutely love it... which is why I am on the forums to begin with. I think probably a lot of people do the same which is why nobody can ever forget the Mega Man thing. It's just so easy. If somebody made fun on me on this forum I probably wouldn't think anything of it for that same reason... although everybody just ignores me because I am new on the forums anyways . I think it's quite hilarious actually, I don't think anybody is pushing your buttons, I think they are creating a meme out of you, a Mega-Meme as it were (I am too funny).
  25. What a pleasant surprise when I woke up this morning. You know that The Humble Indie Bundle you bought back in May? Well, they just sent out codes for you to activate all the games via Steam. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but does this also mean Steam achievements? If so, that's pretty neat. But the main nice thing is not having to save the .zips or .exe's on my drive anymore. P.S. There was no original thread on the The Humble Indie Bundle?