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  1. Something that might interest this crowd:

    Iron Helmet's next online project (other than KITTEN TAPPER!) is cooperative and has the same pace as Neptune. You'll have to log out of their website to see the full preview.

    They just need to add a traitor role and we're set!

    EDIT: Whoa whoa whoa!

    "Subscribe and Customize

    Private games for just you and your friends. Pause games or skip ahead in time. Turn based modes. Play with your friends or take on the Zombie horde alone in maps designed for a single player. "

    And Kitten Tapper is unfortunately not a joke, but I hope it generates them revenue:

  2. Sony understands that they need to keep the present online feature set free to all players, and that's how it should be. Plus is just a way to generate revenue by offering NEW features to gamers that have extra change to throw around.

    It's funny because I bought Plus *because* I don't have money to throw around. For gamers that are patient and don't buy everything day 1, you'll be able to save money by getting some games free, or paying the reduced price on games (which I believe don't expire if your subscription lapses, since you still bought them.)

    Also, anyone that has a 360 and PS3 and subscribes to Gold really has no excuse to not pay for Plus in my mind. The value you get out of each service is so much better for Plus.

  3. Garden, it's multiplat with controller support so that they can reach everyone. I imagine it is a downloadable title at around $15.

    twmac, if PS Move = Wiimote, then Kinect = PS Eye (or even Eyetoy of the PS2 era). It's all a matter of how it's packaged and sold, but don't forget that Move and Kinect are more precise than both their predecessors.

  4. It has more production, thought, and planning than any other gaming podcast I know. The producer's band does the music and their album is great (I Come to Shanghai.) It's Gaming's equivalent of radio like RadioLab and This American Life, which I enjoy immensely.

    He has 6 episodes, and we've all listened to hundreds of podcasts, so why not.

    It's easy to neglect the existential consequences of devoting so much of your life playing video games. Do we play games because we desire a life different than our own? What are the lasting effects of video games on us, on the world? What could (or would) we accomplish with all the time we have spent playing games?

    We're on a forum when we're not playing video games to write about conversations about video games which we listen to when we're not playing video games. Is it well wasted?

  5. I *want* to like this game but am having trouble accepting it. It's Rez without any innovation. Even the boss in the tech demo is VERY similar to a boss in Rez. Even the MUSIC was less inspiring than Rez :(