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  1. Is it too much to expect purchasers to dual boot from these machines if they are looking for more functionality? Also, I'd bet Linux + Steam has a greater range of games than current consoles.


    Whether people like it or not, the value of Steam OS (and the hardware) is that it's an additional choice for gamers. Valve is empowering users to DIY, buy, or upgrade hardware as they woud like to in a market that is more accomodating than console alternatives.

  2. Did you play a lot of HoN?


    Edit: To elaborate, I ask because you're really good, especially for someone with less than 100 games, and also when we played together last you referred to someone as Tempest, Enigma's name in HoN.


    Edit P.S.: Also to your question, support is my favorite role, but when I'm playing by myself I'll go through phases of playing carries when I'm in a vain mood and just want to win.  That being said I always avoid playing CM because for some reason I never win as CM, I'm 1-8 with her.  I have a positive W/L with every other support except for Lina who I've only played once in this game.  At this point it's totally a mental thing, but I can't play CM.  


    Yeah. I even had a solo-queue Ophelia only account that I got to 1850 with an 80% win rate. Not much luck with Chen though. I think I finished with a 66% win rate when I played Glacius. Oh, and over  7 wards placed per game on average, not counting counter-wards. Don't you wish Valve showed you that stuff?


    I hope I'm not the only one happy to hear the news that S2 is developing a new LOMA!


  3. I'm biting on Bioshock Infinite for $30...


    Trading cards are for people that want to collect them. I think you can sell them for aroud $1 each but who knows. There's a nifty chart that shows the price history of each card.

  4. This podcast scared me a little, since from it spoke how utterly awful players on DOTA seem to treat each other. I rarely engage in online gaming, so I have no idea how ugly it is out there. But if I was playing a game and it entailed having to put up with verbal abuse, I would choose to play another game. I don't think I'd be willing to take it just to play a game, no matter how good.


    Don't worry, Rodi! You'll get a bad apple once in a while but Valve has done an excellent job improving their reporting features and the community (the gentle and the unkind) are both responding to it positively.


    Twig, great points on concession. The pulp of Dota is not the power-fantasy of ravaging a helpless opponent, it is winning by an inch against well-matched opponents. The players that get their jollies on ravaging might as well be playing Counter-Strike with aim assist at that point in the game.

  5. I'm happy Brad stood up for conceed voting because life's too short to go through the motions on a definitively over game. If 5 players are ready to throw the towel in, they should be allowed to do so.


    I also liked the bad-habits leoric discussion. That's a great hero to start with :)

  6. annnnnnnnnd i've just bought one

    it looks like a solid system, but I'm cheap and patient. I've had PS+ since they introduced it so I have a stockpile of Vita games just waiting to be downloaded. I hear the real burn is having to use Sony's proprietary memory card. Regardless, congrats!

  7. It was funny to hear the guys talk about diagetic and non-diagetic music in games a couple casts ago because I was in the midst of working on a video game inspired mixtape.

    I have been so head-over-heels for Dark Souls that I made a Cohen bros style sountrack for it. If that tickles your interest, or if you just want some good music, you can get more info and listen to it HERE.


    Bookmarked for future listening! I really enjoy "movietapes" and must recommend this mix for you to check out.

    Let's hope the sequel is as magical as the previous games. Dedicated servers will help a lot!

  8. I didn't play this game until recently and it really blew me away. I fantasized a CD of this game in a jewel case being slapped across dearest Ebert's reconstructed face (or perhaps gently placed on his butter-stained lap) to show what can be done with interactive media.

    I bought 4 copies on Steam to gift to my friends who play a few mainstream titles but have no idea what other games are out there. I can only hope that they take the time to play it, as I'm sure they will enjoy it as well.

  9. I'm very fond of the game. Sadly, the community has dissolved quite a bit and they never had the playerbase to support well-balanced matchmaking without absurdly long queue times. Their Voice net-code is pretty bad as well.

    On the other hand, this game has so much personality and is a breath of fresh air. I recommend that anyone try it if they enjoy Lords Management games. There's a learning curve but it really is a unique experience.