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  1. I made it through most of The Bachelor playthrough while I was really sick (because when else would you play this?) but approaching the end got to me because I knew I hadn't succeeded in the game. I'm interested in a remake, but (like that RPS author wrote) the broken-ness and rough edges really did contribute to the vibe of the game. If people were annoyed by malaria in Far Cry 2, stay far away from this game. Oh MAN, you've got me nostalgia-ing hard. The city is dreary and gross from the beginning but slowly becomes overtaken by disease. I recall breaking into disease ridden buildings and looting them for reagants, ammo, and food while avoiding exposure and fighting off inhabitants.
  2. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Very excited to play this game. I'd wager Remo will get Zuma'd hard by it.
  3. The Last Guardian

    Oh God. This imagery has resided in the back of my mind since childhood because it was so gross and affecting:
  4. The Last Guardian

    ahh! That trailer gets me every time, even after all these years. I guess I'll just die before I cancel my Amazon pre-order. I want to go on an adventure with my giant bird/dog friend.
  5. The Last Guardian

    ummm... have you played ICO or SotC? Anyways, I don't think this game will be vaporware like Duke Nukem Forever. It'll come out eventually. I just hope it's a product of love and not contracted torture.

    for me, theorycrafting out a good build or approach is half the fun of these kinds of games. It's so fun to explore your options and find synergy between them. I've got Payday 2 too, but my RL buddies would get jealous if I played with you all...
  7. Anyone else opt out of Kickstarter updates (the "keep me in the dark" option)? I was even afraid opening this thread that it would be spoonfed to me. I'm trying to figure out how blacked-out I'm going to be with this!
  8. The Last Guardian

    I just hope the energy and spirit of this project can survive whatever complications they may be dealing or have dealt with. I've had an emotional connection with this game since its first trailer because the beast closely resembles an elderly dog I lost near when it was announced. I've had it preordered since. I'm still waiting patiently.
  9. yuck! I just finished out the turn-based game against AI. It was weird jumping 8 hour intervals every time I hit a button... felt like MOO.
  10. I'm digging the turn based game. I just wish we didn't have the AI/AFK players, but that's made for the turns to process faster.
  11. Video Game Baby - Idle Parents

    Not ramble-y at all, Winnipeg. I appreciate all your perspectives. It's something I'm mulling over for my own lil guy (just three months old as of this week!) I wonder anthropologically how children are exposed to violence in other cultures (e.g. hunting with the tribe and being involved with the skinning and preparation of meat for cooking). I agree that there's a large thematic range for violence, and I'd easily choose not to show him something like Oldboy until he's much older (ha). I think Call of Doodoo is an interesting game to consider because it's popularity leads to many young kids play it. HALO seems to be much more palatable and fantastical. What about Uncharted? GTA seems like the perfect game to play-along with an X year old kid and discuss things like morality and violence... No Heavy Rain P.S. this little exchange makes me sad for the kids in the world where violence is an inescapable reality of their lives. What a luxury we have to curate the experiences of our children.
  12. Video Game Baby - Idle Parents

    For the parents concerned about violence, I wonder what your experiences as a child were like with violent media. I had full access as a child and enjoyed DOOM, Quake, and the like. I could always distinguish real and imaginary violence. I suppose games in that era had much less fidelity to actual gore, but I'm still not sure if it's something worth "protecting" our children from.
  13. Blue's the hermit kingdom on that starfield. So are we done with the turn based one?
  14. You're overthinking it. The game is the exact same as real-time Neptune, only the game is paused and then progresses 8 hours instantly once everyone has submitted their turns.
  15. AI is supposedly improved, but who knows by how much. I just think it'd be nice to have a sense of which users were playing (and not even what their alias is). With the forums being open, people could just stumble in which is great if they participate but not if they don't.
  16. You set up flight paths and buy infrastructure and all that jazz. Once you are happy with what direction things are going, you submit the turn and this game is set up to progress 8 hours instantly in a turn once all players are ready. I am disappoint in the anonymous players going AFK and leaving this early
  17. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    NO The Last Guardian will come I've had it pre-ordered in Amazon since the announced it...
  18. Pausable Real time games

    Practically speaking, I need to have the ability to pause the game so I can respond to real life events. So while I do enjoy games like the D-Souls series, it's a big pain when I just have to ditch the game and let my character die because life comes calling.
  19. I'm in but a bit wary of the game settings. Dark Galaxy has a chilling effect on diplomacy for me, and the turn-based setup could either result in a quicker game (more turns submitted within 24 hours) or it dragging and only moving forward 8 hours every day. Let's hope for the former. Also I fear Commander Murdoc's potency as a tablet-ruler now!
  20. Are you playing a public game? That's no fun!
  21. Add me into the camp against the serialization of Demons/Dark Souls style games. Dark Souls 2 is already a little off for me. I hope this game is more than just a re-skin of the franchise.
  22. Diablo III

    got Strongarm Bracers and a Windforce on my HC Demon Hunter recently. I'm excited to try them out. Still scared to run T1 but I cheesed Manglemaw a bit on T3-4 to gear up some.
  23. Video Game Baby - Idle Parents

    I have a 4 week old and I appreciate this thread! I'm excited to curate and have him try games out like ICO, The Yawhg, or Noby Noby Boy as he becomes old enough for them. I'm a bit hesitant to do play-alongs because I worry it would be too passive of an activity for him and too attractive for me since I'll get to play games. I could see having him direct and advise me to go places or interact with things... I'd want him to be more than an observer. One thing I've come up with already is making it a custom to stand while playing games in the living room. If it's a console game with a controller, I'll stand while I'm playing. The inspiration for this came from how I stood while playing Street Fighter against my older brother and would jump frantically up and down whenever the fight was going in my favor. I figure standing will encourage him to move more and get some excess energy out while he plays.
  24. Diablo III

    Welcome to the real Diablo! Hardcore is where it's at. I'll say, though, with the new loot system that Normal mode is underwhelming in HC.
  25. Still have the newborn, still up to play Sorry jeremy! I enjoy writing messages in character, but sometimes you just want to send a blip of a message, especially when you're in Neptune on a mobile phone. One thing I've wanted to try is have a Neptune's Pride game night where people gather with laptops and play a turn-based Neptune's Pride. Each turn shifts 12 hours, so you could roll through the game in a day and have the diplomacy happen in-person and live. I think it could be amazing!