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  1. I think most of it (at least around here) is that a lot of us have become cynical of promises made in advertising games, so a lot of us are naturally skeptical about claims that there is a system in the game that will make each and every play through the game unique and different from every other playthrough. 


    Don't get me wrong, I'm as skeptical as the next person about gameplay promises.


    It seems the information we have about the game at this point is polarizing at best so there's not much more to talk about I guess.

  2. But to lots of people, there's no experimentation here, nothing new or interesting, nothing unique or different. It's just Assassin's Creed in Lord of the Rings, and we've already had a bunch of Assassin's Creed games, including the pirate one that just came out.

    Some of those AssCreed games are, as far as many are concerned, perfect examples of how this gameplay can be rote and uninteresting. Certainly there's nothing here that's inspired by the new gen: we've had all this on the PC, XBOX 360, and PS3 for almost seven years now.



    Does Assassin's Creed do anything similar to the nemesis system and have each playthrough "unique"? Like I said, I've never touched an AC game so the only knowledge I have of the series is through osmosis through the years, nothing specific. If there is some kind of comparable system then disregard my entire post and continue poo-pooing I guess.


    Also, don't mistake my initial optimism as a sign-off that Shadow of Mordor will be the saviour of higher profile development for people unattached to the mundane, merely that at this point I took it as a sign of things to come for the next generation.

  3. I just heard about/watched the trailer thing for this today. I'm not really sure why people are poo-pooing on this so hard right now. Lately I've been pretty down on the gestalt state of video games but this kind of kindled a spark of hope and interest that I was fearing gone forever. Seeing the mechanics in that trailer kind of made me excited that there are some bigger name developers out there that are inspired by the new gen and are experimenting. Sure, the systems may be an inch deep in the end but they're a lot more intriguing to me then 3rd person shooter #1358310. And, I realize that there are other games in other spaces that do similar things system wise, but they don't have the LOTR license attached to them so no one knows about them  


    Is a lot of the poo-poo coming from the fact that it looks like AC? What is wrong with that? I've never played an AC game and I don't plan to but they're probably popular for a reason? 


    On tone:

    I'm definitely in the camp that feels weird about the direction the LOTR...extended universe(?) has taken, but I feel like this game is logically consistent within that interpretation. I like that it's set ONLY in Mordor and you ONLY are dealing with the Uruk society. There's also an interesting (debateable) parity with Frodo/Sam except your dude is wrathful. Maybe that will be seen through to the end?


    The wraith powers are kind of weird to me and took me aback a little bit.


    I would of preferred to see this in a different, original setting but it's not anymore guilty of destroying Tolkien's legacy than the movies are, and some of the other LOTR games do a much worse job of pissing on that.

  4. I'm really afraid to try that out. I feel like if I do mess around with it I won't go back to how Spelunky is "supposed" to be played, destroying the purity of the whole thing.



  5. After being done with school for almost three years I'm FINALLY starting my career. I think it's still sinking in to a certain extent, something I thought and obsessed about everyday for 2 and a half years has finally come to pass. And, thinking about where I was a year ago to where I'm at now is pretty mind blowing. I'm trying to stay humble though because at the end of the day, it really was luck that opened up this opportunity for me.


    The short of it is that I'm now a technical writer at a tortilla chip factory. The long of it is that this company is on the verge of some insane growth. In terms of production it's been breaking records every week for the past month and being the most profitable it's ever been. My boss sees a lot of potential in me to help improve the company in terms of information design and such, and I already have some ideas.


    I'm excited, nervous, motivated, and doubting myself all at the same time.

  6. Loving the game, the single player is pretty fulfilling when you're starting out. The differently colored AIs definitely have some different strategies they like to use.


    Hopefully the internet play issues get sorted out, but fighting games in general can be tricky to have them work well online. Who knows when I'll get to play this in the same room with someone, my roommate does play games but only casually so I don't think I could con him into it.

  7. 1. listening to tool after a few glasses of cheap whiskey and ginger ale is something else


    2. ive been listening to the idle thumbs/the idle thumbs podcast/idle thumbs serially on my commute to work and there is definitely a shift in cutting down on goofiness/memery when the cast returned after the kickstarter. That isn't to say it's worse, but a lot of the older hijinx I had never experienced before and it really kept me in a good mood while I was stuck on third shift working in a factory for the past three months. It was a great combination of goofiness and insightfulness that really made it a pleasure to listen to.


    3. wizard 

  8. Welp, just had one of my most Spelunky-ass Spelunky runs ever. 


    Was doing an adventure mode run trying to get the shotgun to the Tunnel Man so he could unlock the ice caves entrance. I'm doing really good, I have a cape, shotgun, spike shoes, 5 health, and tons of bombs. I figure I would go to the black market since the eye was blinking right as I got onto 2-3 and it would be shorter. So I get into the black market looking at the items, suddenly a boomerang guy spots me, aggroes a shopkeeper and I'm dead.


    I've laughed at most of my crazy unexpected deaths but since this one was tied to a goal I had set I just kind of sat there looking at the screen for about 10 seconds in disbelief.