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  1. So, I don't actually make that many posts, but on this occasion I feel I need to call upon the great Idle Readership for a good cause. I'm not sure if this is the best thread to post this in or not, because its not *my* shit per se. Anyway, some amazing folks from my home town of Melbourne Australia are making a documentary about the rise of independent game development in recent times. The have already made some amazing headway on it already, and are trying to get the project completed using kickstarter. It is a really worthwhile project, and I thought some Thumbs readers might want to know it exists. You can check it out here;



    Also, regular website here;


  2. some more awesome bands that some of you might like, maybe...

    The Presets


    Bag Raiders






    ... and I now see why in some previous posts people only put the end bit of the youtube link, because there's a limit on embedded videos... it all makes sense now

  3. Well, I think I am pretty much going to be living in this thread from now on (music = good)... after a quick skim of the entire thread, there is some freakin' awesome music already mentioned. I'm going to have to go back at some point and note down all the cool stuff that is new to me though.

    Need to resist the urge to spam a bajillion aussie bands all in one go.... I'm not sure how many other aussies are on these forums, but it was good to see things like Empire of the Sun, Architecture in Helsinki and Kimbra get a mention (kiwi is close enough to aussie)

    So I'll start off by plugging another kiwi band (well, one dude actually) that I only discovered last year; Disasteradio

    you can listen to 2 of his full albums on his website

    or just check out this song, which I can't stop listening to

  4. Hello Idle Forums... I have been here on and off, a long time ago... then I sort of fell off the internet, and stopped frequenting any sort of forums.... but with the podcast back, and so much talk reminding me how awesome this place is I have decided to make it a habit of reading this place again... and I might try and actually post sometimes as well this time...

  5. I don't think I could have got a more appropriate title than what I just spun up, it's almost like it went "You want something to post on the idle thumbs forum? Here, have..... ETERNAL WIZARD FIASCO"

  6. I wasn't going to post any more results obtained from this thing, because after a while it does become pretty repetative, even numbing.... but this one made me laugh so hard I had to share

    "Blazing Plunger in the Dark"

    If any indy developer ever finds themselves with a bad case of writers block, the video game name generator would surely be the perfect cure

  7. I got really addicted to this stupid thing a while ago and noted down all the funniest ones it came up with whenever I was showing it to someone. I have not read the list since... time well spent.

    anyway, visiting it again tonight came up with a few gems;

    The Hunt For the Love Attack

    Cool Spork Blaster

    Bouncin' Sumo - The Lost Levels

    Everybody Hates the Blood Punishment

    Tom Clancy's Drug-Dealing Zombies

    Nuclear Acid in Toyland

    I don't know which one of those I want to play more.... probably "cool spork blaster"