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  1. Books, books, books...

    That was a great excerpt, now I have to read that book... I recently finished "Zorro" by Isabelle Allende. I read and enjoyed "House of Spirits" in High School but it's cool to read something more accessible. Its about this kid Diego growing up and its fascinating to see him pick up traits and craft this highly romanticized persona. You get a strong attachment to this flawed kid who has really noble idealistic ambitions, but is heavily dependent on the level-headedness of his friends to actually achieve his goals. Great book as both an adventure story and a character study.
  2. Battlethumbs: Idle Company

    Oh man! I was playing Rush Laguna Presa as Offense on the Rock Paper Shotgun US server. We were losing really badly so I was just screwing around, and I found a jet ski. We were at the area where you need to cross the bridge or follow a stream and then go up a hill, so I just barreled down the stream at full speed. I zipped past some teammates who were in a firefight with some Defense. I charged straight into the defense who were holed up in the stream, and collided with a rock at full speed. It was an incredible jump that carried me straight over a group of enemy snipers and then planted me on land. I was typing out "OMG THAT WAS A SICK JUMP" when a Carl Gustav hit me straight in the back. Someone on the other team was like "Yeah you got really high :)". It was the best, it reminded me of insane jeep drivers in Battlefield 1942. Anyways I just got this game and I really want to play with you Thumbs guys!
  3. General Video Game Deals Thread

    The best part of Wallace and Gromit's puzzle solving is turning everyday objects into a crazy invention. Most of the puzzles are funny conundrums where you have a missing part. Heres just some example I made up: You need a rubber belt for your machine. Instead of just finding another rubber belt, the solution will be an object with the same properties. So you might find an old sweater and use its stretchiness. This kind of improvisational item use is awesome to play with and fits with the inventive theme of the claymation series really well. I think the weakest puzzle is in Episode 1 where you have to find three things to make a growth mixture and it feels kind of arbitrary. However, the series does a good job of making sense and keeping consistent without being boring and predictable.
  4. Books, books, books...

    Is your real name Jay Gatsby?
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    My bad! I was just making an awkward joke about being completely oblivious to the podcast.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello I've been a long-time reader of the Idle Thumbs front page and I really liked the articles so I joined the forums. Just wish you guys would update more often! Thanks. P.S. Is there a specific reason you stick your Google Ad Links at the left side of the page? I don't read them anyways but it just seems like an awkward place to put that stuff.