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  1. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

    Save the World is rough after you've played Season 2 and 3. The episode plots and Voice Acting aren't quite memorable. The puzzles are also rather simple, usually they require a single action to solve them. I'll be rude and call it a baby game. Telltale has really hit a creative streak with their puzzles since then, and the storytelling is just fantastic now. I wouldn't dismiss S&M Hit the Road just because its old. Its more focused on ribbing American kitsch, whereas the new series touches a broader range of topics. Thats not really a pro or con but its a significantly different game thematically that uses the same main characters. If you're worried about controls or graphics, the game doesn't feel archaic in either respect.
  2. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

    Oh goody, I know what will happen on Tuesday. It looks like Bully will be unplayed for one day.
  3. Nice discussion on Kane & Lynch 2. The idea of the cameraman as an actual entity in the game reminded me of "The Experiment" or "eXperience 112" for Europeans. Good talking about it here if anyone is interested: One of my favorite scenes in The Experiment: (Also, the link between K&L2 and Super Mario 64 was an amazing conclusion. Gonna miss the incredible pointedness of this podcast...)
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    They go into this in the making of section on the dvd, and a lot of that is because they do a good job of mixing CGI with physical special effects for closeups. Early in the movie they show a cow in the same room as an arachnid and a giant CENSORED bar when the bug attacks. Instead of making a cheesy cgi cow getting mauled they cover up a guy spraying out fake blood from a hose to much greater comical effect.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations Starship Troopers is such a hilarious film.
  6. Recently completed video games

    I remember getting an audio log about this. The intent of Ryan Amusements
  7. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I meant at one point SGP clicked the form alliance button with you while I was attacking him. You replied that you two weren't actually allies, it was just a weird move. Its funny, I asked ens for help attacking Spacelad but she replied that you, SGP, and Chris were all allied and that attacking Spacelad would be a bad move. Oh ok! Yeah that was some really clumsy late game sabotage on my part I had an irrational fear that you and ens would ally and start attacking me.
  8. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Two questions: Why on earth did SGP (Spacelad) ally with n0wak (Mcheese)? Was it true that SGP was trying to get illeria (Tophat Mcblasterpants) to attack me, or was that just illeria trying to psych me? My strategy at the start was to ignore the center and move sideways instead. Getting attacked early by Sombre was actually a boon because I managed to get his home planet with all its research and industry. I did a truce with illeria, but broke it when he started losing ships in his attack on Chris. Patters attacked me some but stopped. After finishing up illeria, I decided to take Patters planets too. Unfortunately for me, this time Chris managed to seize Patters homeworld. Instead of fighting Chris, I hoped to stay on his good side and waited for an opportune moment to attack SGP. For most of the game I was on friendly terms with n0wak, we did a lot of technology trading. I figure thats what made him trust me towards the end game.
  9. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Again! AGAIN! You were pretty terrifying at the height of your power, I was really lucky when Lollie Mcheese (sorry, n0wak) attacked you.
  10. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    I played through the demo and was a little perturbed that after escaping the restaurant people didn't seem to mind that I was carrying guns and running around. Then something scripted happened and they all freaked out. Also I couldn't seem to grab any civilians for human shields but cops were ok. There are some great scripted scenes in this game that build up the world: I dunno how this game will pan out but on the whole I'm optimistic.
  11. Join the group chat so that impromptu gaming can happen!
  12. Quakecon 2010

    Will any Thumbs be at Quakecon this year? To sweeten the deal, a scant 13 minutes away lies 10K Wizard Technology (A Limited Liability Corporation)*. *After exhaustive research I regret to inform Idle Thumbs that 10K Wizard Technology LLC is now Morningstar Document Researchâ„ . I sincerely apologize for this oversight.
  13. Nifty browser games (inc. Flash)

    This is around a year old but I played this for the first time today: When Pigs Fly
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah its not a film I'd rewatch immediately but it certainly held my interest the first time through.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Followed this link and found out Fritz Lang's Metropolis was also available. I'd never seen it before but had heard plenty of great things about it. Fabulous movie! The lack of "realism" (not quite sure how to describe it) in the backdrops doesn't matter because they're so interesting to look at. Its disappointing that some scenes have been lost to history, since reading title cards doesn't have the same impact as the strong visual storytelling.
  16. Recently completed video games

    Excuse me for a bit as I might exaggerate to describe something impactful about Bioshock 2. Speaking as a 21-year old male going through college and anticipating a bleak future, for me Bioshock 2 Sorry for all this sappiness, I just got back from a family reunion and it reminded me a lot about Bioshock 2.
  17. Alien swarm

    Oh boy, this was a great mod. I could never get my friends to download and try it out, but it was fun hopping into random games and screwing around.
  18. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I'm anticipating when the identities of the players are revealed, since this has been an entertaining game.
  19. Thumb Fortress 2

    TF2 was fun on Thursday! Its nice listening to so many foreign voices.
  20. Summer Steam Sale

    Oh man! I'd love to join some Killing Floor.
  21. Recently completed video games

    If you get one of the two "good" endings it explains a lot of backstory and makes the other five endings even more sinister. I know because I beat it yesterday for the second time! I really love the lowish sci-fi setting where modern day technology is contrasted against all these inexplicable phenomena.
  22. Summer Steam Sale

    I noticed a certain somebody has high scores on Space Asshole and a host of other songs...
  23. A Life Well Wasted: Big Ideas

    The best part about the interview with Jonah Falcon were the quotes from George Takei.
  24. You will need a Google Account to play (you should already have this if you use G-mail) Tutorial here: Important stuff: I recommend reading the combat section of the tutorial, which will save you a lot of grief. If you want to increase the size of your fleet, you can send them to planets that have built ships. With every planet they visit, they'll automatically assimilate ships that aren't part of the garrison. You need at least 1 Industry on a star for it to make ships While the Idle Thumbs game is getting set up, I'd recommend joining one of the free games and fiddling around with the interface. It's really easy to get the hang of! Alright, who is interested?