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  1. (

    I thought of a jet, but I suppose brutal sexual crime works too.
  2. GTA V

    LA Noire worked a bit like that, with each case being sort of a separate film in a greater series of movies all leading to an overarching ending. I do think that format could work well for GTA as well, but I think that's only a fresh coat of paint over a crumbling wall.
  3. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    The searing irony of that pirate outfit kills me.
  4. The threat of Big Dog

    The countdown to human extinction has begun.
  5. Media Player Apps

  6. Also some sweet night vision goggles and a remote control BigDog.
  7. Life

    HOT SCOOP: iTunes > Life Valid, not in my experience, valid, a bit, not sure what you mean, valid. The iTunes store has changed a lot recently, it's gone from heavy DRM "buy once, download once, fuck off" to iTunes+, iTunes Match and infinite music, app, audiobook and movie re-downloads.
  8. Life

    So everyone says "iTunes Fucking Sucks", but what is actually bad about it? I have literally no idea what about it might be bad.
  9. Halloween = Scary games topic

    I've talked a lot about it, but Cryostasis was terrifying.
  10. Life

    I think I live in some sort of splinter universe where iTunes has worked flawlessly for as long as i've used it and I can't understand what other people complain about.
  11. Battlethumbs 3

    Joined up as Thompson820.
  12. Oh I expect dicks, believe me I do, but i'm not sure i've ever seen anything quite like that. I think it's a bit sad that someone wouldn't play public multiplayer just because they might encounter assholes, assholes who are just insignificant angry idiots on the internet, assholes you never have to spend any more time with than you want. I've developed a tough internet skin over the years because I realized that people's opinions of me on the internet are so irreverent and unimportant as to be laughable; at this point I find it funny that they'd waste their time trying to make me feel bad about myself. Besides, the unique thing about the internet is that if I don't want to talk to you I can just not talk to you.
  13. I'm not going to try and explain why this game is incredible, but i'll just say that it deserves all the praise the MP gets and all the shit the SP gets. What I really came here to do was tell this tale: I jump into an attack chopper at the start of a game and immediately switch to the gunner seat as I didn't feel like piloting, another guy jumps in about a second later and proceeds to fly up and then flip the chopper over into a hilarious crash. A few seconds later this happens in chat: ChopperDude: THAT'S FOR BEING LAME ChopperDude: NEXT TIME DON'T PRESUME OR EXPECT Me: What are you on? ChopperDude: YOU WANT ME TO FLY? It's not every day you see all caps rage over something so unimportant and random. There's so much wrong with it, I can't believe that there is a human being somewhere on Earth who typed that into a video game.
  14. Thanks Forbizzle and ThunderPeel2001 for rocking up, the machine worked perfectly. Sadly, nobody recorded it, but that's what you get for not being there.
  15. The threat of Big Dog

    Here's a hitlist of the most evil Japanese robots.
  16. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. 806UifAYQGo
  17. The threat of Big Dog

  18. The fact of the matter is that PC's are empirically technologically superior machines, however the problem is when people take that fact and start trying to say that consoles are therefore bad. Consoles satisfy a market that PC's do not, and therefore deserve to have their own place in gaming. As much as I may prefer PC gaming for a range of reasons, I hold nothing against consoles or the people who use them. I wish everybody else thought the same way, sadly, everything must be a contest. Everything. Must. Be. A. Contest. On topic: Holy shit, what a launch.
  19. My graphics card melted :(

    I bought an 8800gt in 2007, it's now in a second computer and still going strong. Believe me, it got USED.
  20. How does this work for everybody?
  21. The threat of Big Dog

    At first I wasn't amazed, and then I actually realized it was a robot and my mind was blown.
  22. Disk 1 is multiplayer and the texture pack, disk 2 is the singleplayer. Not hard to see where the priorities lie there.
  23. Kinect is obviously better, just ask Ubisoft.