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  1. Post your face!

    I'm sure Chris would have some really interesting things to say about the industry seeing as how that is his job. Anyway, i'm going for it so i'll see you in like 10 years when i'm a world famous dude, just like Sean Famous Vanaman.
  2. How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

    Yeah, i'm a zombie within a week if that long.
  3. Post your face!

  4. Giantbomb- Now with quests.

    I stopped listening to the Bombcast a while ago but this has sparked my interest again, thanks for that Sombre.
  5. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Jb8CH0rTcY4 This guy is a pretty great mime.
  6. I need help identifying a game

    Oh my god, thank you so much, that game is incredibly awesome.
  7. Post your face!

    That's because I have more intelligence than most 16 year old people and have ambitions to become a video games journalist. Through the hilarious shit there are good pieces of discussion about video games and that's part of the reason I listen to Idle Thumbs.
  8. How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

    I listened to the audio book of Zombie Survival Guide. Problem is that i'm in a weird area. Only like 5 minutes away from a suburb with thousands of people but where I am is in some bushland. 40 acres to be exact. The house is single story, flat roof, no cellar, no attic. It's in a very small clearing (for fires) and the back of the house is surrounded by a maybe 4 meter high weak metal fence. Zombies would destroy me as the only weapons we'd have would be knives, chainsaws, axe, sledgehammers etc. Also, the house has LOTS of windows that the zombies would smash through.
  9. What Snoogle said, I want those pictures, especially the Ladder-Head BigDog.
  10. I need help identifying a game

    Anyone ever play that paper airplane game on those early eMacs or iMacs or bMacs or whatever those Apples where.
  11. GTA IV

    I wish you could buy cars but there are obvious reasons for not doing so. You can go online and look at catalogs of car sales and call the phone numbers that are listed but you don't get through to someone. It's be awesome if you could call them and have a discussion about the car, arrange an appointment to buy the car (Like that one mission) and then just steal it when you test drive it. I've played through a couple times but the first time I killed Dwayne, he just annoyed me.
  12. How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

    Yeah, i'm fucked in a Zombie Apocalypse, no buildings near me, half an hour to a city and 2 hours to the sea and my house is terrible in terms of defensibility.
  13. Life

    That's because it is. I have a surprising number of stories considering my age including but not limited to: The 3 times i've almost died, my bike disaster, my disgusting knee injury and the time I spotted someone who at least looked a lot like Boost Remo when I was in SF.
  14. Post your face!

    You have no idea how many people call me McLovin and I haven't even seen the movie. *Google Image Searches McLovin* I see some resemblance. Also, I still await your photo Snoogle...
  15. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Cough I'm Australian Cough Besides, i'm not a convict, I descend from the people who brought the convicts here. Even 109 years after independence I keep a close eye on the buggers.
  16. Far Cry 2

    Hey, resurrecting this old thread for a second. I've sunk 169.9hrs into this game according to Steam and i've loved every second of it. Played through it several times, got all the diamonds, tapes etc. My question is, has anyone else done 169.9hrs? Also, is there every going to be a Far Cry 3? If so, will it be another Far Cry or another Far Cry 2?
  17. The threat of Big Dog

    By the way, the planned successor to the BigDog: Thoughts? Feelings? More or less scary Jake?
  18. The threat of Big Dog

    The worst photoshop of all time? You decide.
  19. Post your face!

    Well then it's a photo off Snoogle. I shall begin. Those earbuds are blasting Idle Thumbs into my brain.
  20. Post your face!

    Oh snap.
  21. Post your face!

    16, beat that.
  22. Life

    That picture, I may never sleep again. It was kind of like that except they were crawling everywhere. I was already arachnophobic, it was reinforced by the experience. As for the cockroach: I bought a bag of hard candies, they were black hard candies and they came in a paper bag, you know the ones the put lollies in, and I didn't eat all of them on the first day so I put the bag in the pantry. Anyway, went to bed, in the morning I grabbed the bag and went to watch TV, so i'm sitting there bag in the right hand, using my left hand to grab candies and shove them straight into my mouth while I put my complete attention on watching TV. So at some point I must have grabbed a cockroach that was hiding out in the bag and put it in my mouth, and chewed, and swallowed, then I felt something in between my lips, i grabbed it and it was a still twitching leg. I realized what I had done and ran to the toilet and vomited a cockroach. I hate cockroaches. Still makes me get that 'about to throw up' feeling even RIGHT NOW as I type this, so wrong.
  23. I've only just recovered from the BigDog remix and now this... Please keep doing them.
  24. You know what they say: The more you play with us, the bigger we get. If Left 4 Thumbs is still running i'll totally be there.
  25. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I watched every video. Read every word. Back to back. I began compiling a list of my favorites, the pages they were from and the person who posted it and I accidentally clicked away. I'm devastated. So instead of a well done list you'll get a simple shitty one. Those ultra slow motion videos The ninja cat videos Thru You Singing in the rain Loewe Sound Elmo Death (BEST EVER) and others that I can't remember. So thanks browsers for not saving what you type in a forum box.