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  1. Most disgusting thing you've ever done

    You're the worst! OK so maybe it is funny.
  2. Followed be an awesome slow motion cutscene except when it goes into slow motion one of them doesn't and so everything happens really quickly for them and they're like WTF!? and Chris would smile. Maybe...
  3. GTA IV

    That is the biggest and most important complaint with GTA, perhaps there needs to be a rethink. Give us a reason why when we put 200 bullets into a man's face he doesn't die because he's not supposed to or just let him die. I understand that you want me to see your hard work but if you're going to make me sit through it no matter what then I don't want to see ANY of your hard work, the same applies to unskippable cutscenes.
  4. GTA IV

    Me too, i'll probably eventually just get them off Steam.
  5. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    The first guy is incredibly retarded. _CRKLtVXZzM
  6. I still want to see a photoshop cover of: EA Presents: Oliver Twist Tagline: Want some more?
  7. Most disgusting thing you've ever done

    I can play BC2 on mine... just.
  8. Exams are shit. Discuss

    Victoria, Australia
  9. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    That's exactly what happened to me, it gets funnier over time.
  10. Spam Email

    My first Spam SMS: CONGRAT! YOUR MOBILE NUMBERS WON FOR YOU $2.000,000 USD IN THE FREELOTTO MOBILE PROMO.FOR CLAIM,SEND EMAIL: (Spammer's e-Mail Address) AND CALL: (Spammer's Phone Number) What is the world coming to when my mobile phone is being used to spam me?
  11. Steve even more famous then Famous?

    Steve Famous Hot Scoops Gaynor? Congratulations Steve!
  12. Most disgusting thing you've ever done

    I'm sure you've got some tales!
  13. Exams are shit. Discuss

  14. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    There are no words. tc9DEB-5NcQ
  15. Name Generators

    Wonderous Chainsaw Quest Low G Transvestite Madness Big-Time Pony Raider (Horsebag support?) Satan's Sudoku Crime Scene Investigation Luigi's Hair Salon 3D Gothic Wizard Runner (Gothic Wizaaaaaaard!)
  16. Exams are shit. Discuss

    I hate exams. I dread my end of Year 12 exams next year because they'll be really important and will determine my chances of university acceptance, terrifying.
  17. downloading..... downloading..... COME ON!!! When I saw the iTunes feed update I was like . Thanks Thumbs!
  18. Most disgusting thing you've ever done

    I await your tales with great interest.
  19. Post your face!

    I'll take a photo of me with my Jake style cop sunglasses. They're pretty awesome.
  20. I need help identifying a game

    Sounds very similar to the SNES game that Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed, I wish I could remember the name.
  21. (

    This game will steal your kidneys and leave you in a bathtub full of ice! Probably the worst.
  22. iGaming

    Oh... I'm a douche.
  23. Most disgusting thing you've ever done

    Point taken. The pole hit my knee at the spot on the side where the socket is sort of open and tore into my knee practically wedging itself in there which dislocated the socket. Luckily I also smacked my head into the ground which knocked me out so I woke up after surgery not sure what had happened. I found out later that my friend had turned around and seen my lying on the ground with blood sprayed on the concrete next to my knee, that must have looked gruesome. I still think the cockroach was more disgusting.
  24. Most disgusting thing you've ever done

    That's not a knee injury, this is: I was running in the rain at school because we were doing a scavenger hunt and I jumped onto a wooden bench and slipped on the wet wood, I fell forwards and my right knee landed on a metal pole, you don't want to know the rest.
  25. Giantbomb- Now with quests.

    I'm extremely picky when it comes to podcasts. I listen to: The Bugle Dr Karl Drunk Tank (Considering Ditching) Bombcast Hypothetical Help Idle Thumbs The Instance Sarcastic Gamer Red Show I listened to the 1up show and 1upyours, rebel radio(?) etc. and didn't find them at all enjoyable. A quick run down: The Bugle is an excellent and hilarious podcast from two British comedians that just talk 24/7 nonsense, kind of like Idle Thumbs but with no serious content whatsoever. Dr Karl is a scientist in Australia who is pretty famous and has a radio show every week that I download the podcast of. Drunk Tank is the Rooster Teeth podcast that was pretty refreshing for a while but is becoming more and more alienating because they talk about American TV a lot. Hypothetical Help is Scott Johnson (The runner of Frogpants Studios) and Mark Turpster Turpin (From reading mail people send them about problems with their lives which they then answer comically. Idle Thumbs is - oh right... The Instance is the best source of WoW information, news and analysis available and it's pretty funny too. Sarcastic Gamer Red Show is the main podcast from and is hilariously funny every single week. I recommend them all. Except Drunk Tank.