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  1. iGaming

    Hey, that's what I hear, we'll see real soon.
  2. The threat of Big Dog

    Oh shit. EA will eat you if you're camouflaged as a tree like in Bad Company 2 when you're a sniper.
  3. iGaming

    The information you seek: The new GUI releases Monday, the Apple version releases the next week with ALL VALVE GAMES.
  4. Anyone Remember?

    Nick is freaked the fuck out!
  5. The 12 games before Christmas

    Such a great game, the episodes are also really good. Speaking of which, episode 3.
  6. The 12 games before Christmas

    Sounds like a damn good idea to me, i'm trying to widen my gaming horizons and i'm thoroughly enjoying the change.
  7. Real Lives

    OR: "I was raped" OR: "You have been raped, Learn More."
  8. The threat of Big Dog

    For everyone who hates robots: Enjoy...
  9. Anyone Remember?

    I listened to that episode the other day, it was Nick. They joked that it was pyramid head coming for them.
  10. Anyone Remember?

    Thanks guys, that's one mystery down, my hunt for the paedophilia related hijinx goes on. Feel free to post your own missing pieces.
  11. Anyone Remember?

    Makes sense, going out with a bang.
  12. Send us questions!

    Maybe I am! Now I'm going to start thinking like that too, damn you!
  13. I had no idea Famous was such a badass! I enjoy that photo, if only video games and famous were next to each other there may have been some crazy hijinx.
  14. iPad

    How is anyone supposed to know that?
  15. Life

    Stalker: Clear Skies?
  16. I need help identifying a game

    Well, the picture is called Toblix so i'm gunna go ahead and say Toblix...
  17. iPad

    How did you get a screen grab?
  18. iGaming

    Be thankful you're getting it at all. Also, the fact that every Valve game is being ported.
  19. I agree, Famous is awesome. A cast with Famous AND Scoops would melt my face.
  20. GTA IV

    I'm on a dual core and 8800gt as well, it runs decently for me.
  21. Name Generators

    High Speed Ping-Pong Demolition (This game sounds INCREDIBLE) Ye Olde Bible of the Third Reich (Mein Kampf?) Transvestite Dinosaur Train (...) The Sims: Wizard from Mars (Mars Wizard!) Morbidly Obese Badminton Dance Mix (What the fuck?) Tony Hawk's Police Lord (You won't play this lord with a controller in your hands!) Disturbing Buddhist Psychiatrist (I just love the idea of this) Indiana Jones and the Breakdancing Mania (I would play that in a heartbeat)