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  1. Giant Bomb Joins GameSpot

    Sorry, I've just never heard of him and forgot his name!
  2. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  3. Giant Bomb Joins GameSpot

    Jeff and a Gamespot dude talked about Gerstmanngate on a stream here. My view is that this will ultimately be a good thing for both Giant Bomb and Gamespot, i'm looking forward to seeing what crazy shit GB can do with this.
  4. Mass Effect 3

    Kind of a spoiler, I guess.
  5. Mass Effect 3

  6. Giant Bomb

    I would totally recommend subscribing! The bonus content is killer, and it feels good to support dudes doing stupid shit on the internet. (See Idle Thumbs)
  7. GDC 2012

    Quoting for posterity.
  8. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  9. Steam Box

    I think the idea is interesting, but like every idea Valve concocts it's fucking insane. I'd love to see it if they can pull it off, but I'd worry about what size audience actually exists for the product.
  10. (

  11. Can you trust the "Can You Run It?" site?

    Oh it's certainly a good idea, but practically every part of it's implementation is miserable.
  12. Street Fighter and Sexual Harrassment.

    "What is unacceptable about that? There's nothing unacceptable about that." A person said that.
  13. Can you trust the "Can You Run It?" site?

    Hahahahahahahaha Oh man, that's a good one.

    Since the channels are mixed down it's impossible to do a section with cross talk, but here's a small comparison section of Idle Thumbs. Listen and then guess which is first, mono or stereo. Answer below. Listen here
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Another Australian, extra welcome!
  16. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  17. Life

    That's not a joke, and again, you can say it if you want.
  18. Life

    My father finds jokes about death just as distasteful as you find rape jokes, does that mean we should all stop making jokes about death? No. There's a difference between hate speech/defamation/misogyny and humor. Sorry, but if you want to limit free speech and artist freedom, I just can't follow you on that. For the record, I don't like rape jokes, I simply think people should be allowed to make them if they want to.
  19. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Light some candles, put on some mood music, lubricate those nostrils, and get ready to cure the cold. The world will thank you.
  20. Speaking of EA marketing, I received an email from EA today with the subject "BF3: Your next challenge starts now". Oh awesome, it's news on the next BF3 expansion!
  21. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

  22. Infinity Ward imploded; guess people didn't stop doing interviews.
  23. Life

    So there's a girl in my Photography class, and the point is I'm into her. Only problem is, I've never really dealt with this type of thing before because I've always been too afraid, but I feel like I should do something about it for once. She's been extraordinarily nice to me, goes out of her way to sit next to me and when she sees me outside of class she always says hi with a massive smile, etc. I don't want to over analyse anything here, but this seems pretty clear, right? Figuring out what to do is breaking my mind.