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  1. Hitman: Absolution

    I don't think I'd care as long as the setting was human enough.
  2. Bitchy thread tags

    Fuck you guys.
  3. Bitchy thread tags

    By "you" I didn't specifically mean you.
  4. Bitchy thread tags

    It's not that hard to be less hostile to Tanukitsune. He's offended by the tags, so why not just stop writing them? I think decency supersecedes whatever you think of how he's acting.
  5. Life

    So, this is probably below the scope of regular discussion in this thread, but, you know, whatever: I took my SAT yesterday; how easy they were. 710 per section as a minimum, I'll bet.
  6. Tabletop RPGs

    I'll be any sort of guy we need. I haven't played an RPG before, so I don't have any preferences.

    Man, something's gone horrifically wrong when the president is making fun of you with lame photoshops.

    I was in first grade. My mom took me home from school before we were dismissed because she feared I would, somehow, be killed by terrorists. I, of course, didn't completely comprehend why.
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    This is fairly amusing: A guy tweeted about the assault on Osama's house while it occurred. @Rodi: Pictures were taken, apparently.
  13. Edited

    Although, I suspect a joke lost its life in the process.

    So, if for some reason you manage to get to the Idle Thumbs politics thread before you get to any news outlet in the universe, here you go.
  15. Why is that stupid? Stuff written on a sheet of paper could only be as large as the sheet itself.
  16. Variety

    EDIT: Dumb, dumb, dumb. I should try reading the whole OP.
  17. Portal 2

    So, has it released early in retail as well? I'm a console kind of guy.
  18. V The Elder Scrolls

  19. Portal 2

    Oh, look; the big "Active Test Subjects" thing says "NINE" instead of "ZERO" now.
  20. V The Elder Scrolls

    Fuuuck Don't click that if you want to play Skyrim free of preconceptions.
  21. Portal 2

    It's very funny to me that the main thing probably preventing people from converging on Amnesia is fear.
  22. V The Elder Scrolls

    Man, now I want to play Morrowind.
  23. Dawn of War 2

    I haven't been having DoW fun with anyone from the Idle Thumbs Forums.
  24. (IGN.com)