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  1. Deus Ex 3

    If you haven't finished the fight yet and you have the strength aug (although you might not need it, I can't remember): .
  2. Life

    What do you guys mean by panic attack, anyway? The name implies a far more neurotic or paralytic state of mind than that of the context the word's being used in.
  3. Life

    No, no; I literally forgot. I'm a bit tired and I've got a day's worth of interdisctrict competitions to deal with tomorrow. #lifethread
  4. Life

    For viewers at home, toblix posted that because I had written "That reminds me of me of me in 6 years." in response to miffy, but I deleted the message because I forgot I'm not 18.
  5. Life

    Yes, it's difficult to detect sarcasm on the internet.
  6. Life

    I imagine that a bunch of humans growing up in the same environment are going to have some similarities. Your response, for example, was quite similar to the that of the 20 year old's.
  7. On the PC, I can play: DoW DoW II Minecraft TF2 CS:S (Would anyone here care about CS at all?) Civ IV Xbox: Halo, etc. GoW 1, 2 CoD 4, WaW, MW2
  8. Life

    Whelp, I guess I'll be entering the Intel Science Talent Search soon. I hope I do well.
  9. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    The right-handed, also.
  10. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

  11. Deus Ex 3

    Did anyone purposefully avoid the Social Analyzer augmentation? I never activated it because it seemed like trying to actually discourse with NPCs would be more fun than just robo-outwitting them.
  12. Life

    Most people would probably say "the strippers: JFK and Stalin" if they were trying to say JFK and Stalin are strippers, anyway.
  13. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

  14. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I can assure you librarian defense isn't too interesting.
  15. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Chris Remo has joined our game, and now dude number 10 on Murdoc's list won't be able to get in.
  16. Deus Ex 3

    I never gave that thing a close look. In passing, I just assumed it was a wacky future device.
  17. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I'm ready to play.
  18. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I'll say I'd prefer a slower game, for what it's worth. Neptune's Pride becomes Stress: The Game way too quickly otherwise.
  19. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Does anyone want to play this?
  20. Deus Ex 3

    god damn it
  21. Deus Ex 3

    Do you lose the Pacifist achievement if you kill people in the tutorial mission?

    Your signature is great, Rodi. Anyway, as a highly educated politico with decades of both academic and first-hand experience in understanding government, I can safely say it's all Fox News' fault and Obama is a Communist. Also, I am greatly worried about the future of science in the US, especially considering the popularity of Dr. Rick Perry, PhD of Evolutionary Biology and Climatology. It's Just A Theory, you know.
  23. Space Marine

    I wonder why there wasn't a thread for this. In any event, Space Marine is not a game in which you play a space marine, oh no; it's a game in which you play a Space Marine, one of the God-Emperor's Angels of Death. In His name, they crush the foes of Man. Here they are, stabbing guys: ygw_vX8mO8Q& 3vskKGCpSb0& Incidentally, I like how the game is alluring simply because it features some WH40k Space Marines.