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  1. Good Old GOG

    GOG is not stunting, for it is dead.
  2. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Walking around a mysterious, idyllic island with the purpose of solving puzzles is a beautiful and intriguing concept to me. I wonder how the puzzles will be utilized macrocosmically.
  3. Halo Reach

    Eh; I'll probably buy the map packs. They don't usually cost much money.
  4. Halo Reach

    I am tremendously excited for this game. Forge World is mainly fueling that excitement. I can't imagine what sort of maps my friends and I will be playing on, knowing how absurdly extensive and diverse the Halo community is. With the global file-sharing infrastructure that's been implemented, I'll be playing nothing but custom games.
  5. Duke Nukem Forever Canned [and then not]

    Holy shit, that's amazing!
  6. Hi, I'm Video but, please, my friends call me Games.
  7. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    I wonder who would voice-act Tycho. The fact that the character could be easily interpreted as a snarky douchebag is disconcerting. EDIT: I suppose he could speak in text as a visual gag.
  8. I just finished listening to the podcast. Crushingly, this one was very good. Don't worry Sean; I believe that your expectations for TGoL were initially asexual.
  9. Portal 2

    Man, that looks cool. I wonder if the co-op characters are the same type of robots that use the replacement test-chamber in Portal 1.
  10. BioShock Infinite

    The setting and implied philosophy of the trailer suggests things that stir me deeply. I can't wait for the gameplay to be shown, hopefully at PAX. In addition, the drowning scene at the beginning amazed me. I felt and still feel short of breath after being shown how deep the tank he was submerged in is.
  11. Whoops, that's right. Oblivion was published by 2K Games, with that being the only instance of cooperation between Bethesda and 2K.
  12. Three major Cast-Thumbs working under 2K? How bizarre.
  13. As per Formspring, I wonder if Chris' job is with EA.
  14. Summer Steam Sale

    Yes. It's very good too.
  15. Whoa; were you drunk or something, Jake? Perhaps you had gotten sleep? You were acting very unusually.
  16. A joke about the release dates of Valve's games.
  17. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hidle, thumbs.