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  1. im starting to think templar assasin might be a bit overpowered. But I'm only an average player so maybe I don't know enough
  2. Yea it's kind of funny seeing people trading something like invites, like they were SOJ's in diablo 2 or something, as a piece of currency, that won't be valid anymore once the game is out to everyone.
  3. Books on Sport

    "Those guys have all the fun" A story about ESPN, the multinational, global sports juggernaut. Really awesome book so far, more of a story then a history. Lots of great anecdotes from the personalities, while guiding you through how the network grew into what it is today.
  4. He could afford at least one more bracer if he just sold that bottle!
  5. yea that's always been my endgame goal with doctor, scepter then bkb, glad to see im doing it right, i usually go for at least arcane boots first though, but i like to help out the team and put wards down the whole time though
  6. are you saying lothars in, dagon, cask, ult? WHenever i play witch doctor(which is a lot) He's so boss, i feel like im a support/ganker/carry at all points of the damn game.
  7. I also am a huge fan of witch doctor, by far my favorite hero and best support. His stun lasts forever if you do it right, his ult has massive ganking and teamfighting potential, and he has a team heal and damage boost, and a good attack animation and range! I finally made my first purchase to open one of the summer boxes, and got the bonus witchdoctor costume along with that
  8. Lich is one of the handful of heroes i STILL haven't played a game with, despite having played 200+ now(I never played dota 1) It's so weird how my mind is telling me to try lots of new heroes, but don't try everyone for some reason
  9. in a pub gaming getting a scepter for lich seems pretty devastating, most team fights are so horribly unorganized when there's so little communication that a good lich ult can win the whole game
  10. I like using warlock as well, he can both harrass and babysit the hard carry of the team all the way to lane domination. It's also fun if you're having a great game to get both scepter AND refresh orb to throw out like 4 golems at once haha
  11. I haven't watched a whole lot of dota 2 pro matches yet, but its so weird how differently they play from typical pub play. They are on a whole different level of coordination, roaming for 4 man ganks at 30 seconds and all kinds of wacky stuff.
  12. Defense grid 2 (kickstarter!)

    I played the demo of defense grid and i wasn't blown away. It seemed to have such bland art, i really didn't enjoy playing it for a longer session, and i'm a huge tower defense nut. I don't know about this
  13. for some reason his drawn picture of nature's prophet was cracking me up.
  14. So i did my first round of item trading last night, traded away a rare juggernaught healing idol for an uncommon full set of axe armor, maybe slightly not in my favor, but i play axe a lot and don't play jugg so it's all good. System errored out once but seems to work well
  15. We played some more party games tonight and vanaman told us the hot scoops from the new progress cast. I went 0-4-4 with doombringer the first game, but redeemed myself with a 10-5-10 slardar second game. Sean did pretty well with treant protector his first time every going like 3/5/5
  16. Anyone else a fan of axe? I recognize he's not widely known as a "good" hero, but he's a whole lot of fun, even if it's hard for him to make a big impact late game. Anyone have any creative item builds or strategies for him besides the usual? I already sometimes try the super agressive battle hunger lane domination style. It's a hell of a lot of fun to chase your opponents back to their tower to dominate the lane because axe can tank so well.
  17. Wow you guys weren't kidding about lesrac, only my second game with him today, but edict absolutly obliterates tier 1 and 2 towers. I had a great game with him, but it took us 72 minutes to win because our lycan just jungled the whole time, never went to team fights
  18. anyone have expeirences doing super agressive tower pushing with any particular hero? I think that might be a cool strategy to try. I've heard leshrac is good for that?
  19. I almost said fuck this game today and quit entirely after losing 3 in a row due to my own stupidity and some asshole teamates, but then I had a 14-3-10 game with kunkka and that made me feel better. That dude can really dish out some damage lol
  20. Luna;s capacity for damage with her ult is absolutely amazing. Wisp seems like a lot of fun, but you really need some good teamates to have a good support game with him
  21. Had a couple fun games with rubick last night> Stealing bizarre spells like transformations or omnislash NEVER gets old
  22. It's kind of hard to track down, you just have to go to the channel list, and scroll down until it gets to the alphabetical order part, and just look for Idle Thumbs