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  1. Creepy Pokemon hack story

    Yea I'm pretty sure the video to that got posted in the episode thread. It was indeed creepy.
  2. Creepy Pokemon hack story

    I'll echo the sentiments of the writer here. I wonder what the creator was trying to say with a project like that. Very strange.
  3. Madden 2013 Demo/Discussion

    I know I can be the only sports gamer/NFL fan on the boards. So what do you nerds think about the recently released demo? I'm a 49ers fan, so I was ecstatic they let you play as them in the demo. First thought: The new physics engine, touted by EA as this big new feature, actually appears to fundamentally effect gameplay in a posititve way. One run I had in particular came to mind, I was running to the right, and ran into my right guard. In past versions of madden, you could keep running in place/bounce around until you found a gap through the hole, or got tackled. This time, my guard got pushed back into me, cut out my legs, and the run went for no gain. I found this small improvement very encouraging about the future of the game. Second Thought: Touch passing and precision passes appears to work a lot better now. In madden 12 if you tried to throw a touch pass, it would hang up in the air forever and more then likely get intercepted. So online madden 12 play evolved into everyone only ever throwing bullet passes. Now it appears you can lead receivers into open areas without being instantly punished if the receiver is actually open. Downsides: Several sound and graphics glitches in the demo, but the good part was, most of them were between plays, so it didn't effect the play to play experience as much
  4. Madden 2013 Demo/Discussion

    if anyone is on the ps3 and wants to join a great sim style league with active forums, check out I've been playing with these same guys for 5 years, it's great, we've got a few spots open
  5. oh yea dont get me wrong, I love using lots of those lesser used heroes. Gyrocoptor is one of my favorites to play, but most people in pubs say he sucks.
  6. It's a little disheartening about dota that so few heroes are considered truly "Good" I hope that's just an endigtment of the current metagame and not game balance.
  7. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    The channel "epicnamebro" on youtube has a lot of great dark souls guides and lore theories.
  8. That was pretty funny. Would have been amazing if the rubick killed ya with your own spell lol.
  9. We will still be mean to you, but we'll do it in bots games that don't impact other people's games,
  10. I very much enjoyed sir patrick as a ticker scalper
  11. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    haha thats amazing orv. I feel like I saw that a long time ago but it was fresh now. The best part is at 1:10, so fucking true, the whispered voice, "Welcome to Dark Souls"
  12. axe is the best initator, because axe has the biggest balls. Fact.
  13. Yea I definitely know all about the role of initiator, I was just trying to play devil's advocate for the argument that he's some kind of semi-initiator, kind of like how people use that semi term for certain carries or supports.
  14. I dunno. Huskar is a pretty good anti tank weapon, if we can leap into the start of a team fight and drop their tank by 50% right of the bat, you could call that initiation
  15. Gabe newwel said on GTTV he's played 2000 hours of dota 2, and icefrog makes him play random haha
  16. Idle Brigade (PC) (Not Trenched)

    I suppose I should actually try this game, since i love tower defense and all
  17. This game...just makes me mad sometimes. I have this amazing game as gyro, my team for the most part plays well also, we gank the natures prophet 3 or 4 times, we are winning like 45-25, and his bullshit farming hand of midas jungling crap still gets him super farmed and he single handedly wins the game for his team. wtf else are we supposed to do. He's such a bullshit hero
  18. As a newly married man, who also enjoys dota, I can totally relate to Sean's concerns. Although mine are more typical, not related to the personalities of the dota lords. She does play skyrim though. Which is amazing.
  19. Man I just had an epic 60 minute game. I was tinker, my first. "real" game with him, and I see what everyone is talking about. His pushing ability when he gets farmed up is absolutely absurd. Non stop teleports essentially. We lost the game, they scored 65-we scored 25, but we still killed two of their racks somehow. We were doing such a good job pushing towers and such a good job holding off in the desparation team fights that i was able to keep going with my boots of travel shenanigans. Sucks to lose when we almost had them, despite massive farm, but it felt good to realize tinker's true potential
  20. Keeper might really challenge withdoctor for title of best support in my book. Doctor excells and assisting in ganks and team fights, but keepers speciality is definitely pushing, and he does it like a boss.
  21. undying took me a few games to figure out, then I watched one of pudge's videos of him playing him in lane agressively, and now I realize how damn good he is
  22. They need to stop making so many items for that jungling motherfucker that everybody hates and start making some items for heroes that have nothing
  23. i have the dinosaur bone mask and a cool hammerhead club i got from the summer chest for him
  24. Man, I just played two games in a row as tidehunter, a hero I almost never use, and I guess I see why he's picked so much, he's fucking good man, free damage reduction, that ult with like a million range, and that one AOE skill has like a 4 second cooldown at level 4 fof 225 damage? Someone needs a nerf. In my second game ever online with him i went like 15-3-25