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  1. PC Tech questions

    Question for everyone out there, I've got a pretty decent machine, 4 gigs of ram, 2.8 ghz dual core, 512 MB graphics card, but I run a low resolution on my cheapy monitor, just 1024x768, I can typically run any game on high or ultra right now because of this, if I upgrade to a nice 22 inch LCD that's high def and all of that, how much will my performance drop? What kind of power do you need to run modern games at that kind of resolution?
  2. God I'm such a nerd, I totally lost my shit during the whole, Famous Faedraus Famous lol.
  3. Battlethumbs: Idle Company

    Anyone else playing on PS3? Shoot me a friends invite if so. I'm level 19 now, game is a blast. I haven't even maxed out any of the classes because I switch between them so often.
  4. THanks for throwing this conf grenade into my foxhole thumbs, made the housework I had to get done today a lot easier.
  5. Heavy Rain

    I don't get people complaining about the control scheme either, completely makes sense to have a way to just walk perfectly straight down a hallway, think how stupid it would look if you had to walk with the left analog, and because of it your character was constantly moving in slightly off center directions, it would ruin the immersion.
  6. Dawn of War 2

    Hey all, new guy here, I've been playing last stand a lot too and I'm down for a game of it, got to level 17 or 18 I think is my max. Game gets insane.
  7. Starcraft anyone?

    Anyone else on thumbs in the bronze ladder? I got into the beta last week, but I'm not super great at the game even though I understand the fundamentals.
  8. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey all, long time Thumbs listener, decided to join the forums when I found out the show was coming back. I've got every system but a PSP, but I mostly game on PS3 and PC. How about that trine game? Pretty sweet eh? Can anyone remind me what episode the puffins bit was in? I almost died laughing at that.
  9. Watching other people play games

    I think watching a game of starcraft 2 pros with some good commentary is awesome. I will never be as good as those guys but it's a blast to watch and try to apply those strategies to my game.