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  1. Starcraft anyone?

    I'm down for some SC2 as well for any in the US servers. Sully.Sully
  2. I lost my shit at the thought of Kutaragi sending out big dogs with turrets to kill off the competition lmao.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    It's weird, Shaun of the dead was an instant classic in my book, but i hated hot fuzz the first time I saw it, but it holds up even better then shaun does on repeated viewings, and now I enjoy watching it.
  4. Regarding the SC2 matchmaking system Chris mentioned, I really like how it works too. I'm in the bronze league right now, and I never really feel like I was totally out of my league or totally dominant. SF4 had a system like this after their content patch, basicly setting milestones in skill points used for matchmaking, so I wonder if they were the first. It's a great trend in matchmaking.
  5. Another Mario Thing

    That mario music quiz was pretty fun. I did ok, I think I got like 12 of them.
  6. Dawn of War 2

    made it up to wave 19 in some last stand today. Man talk about insane. Has anyone seen whats on wave 20?
  7. PS3 version is a bad port? I played it on PS3 and I thought it looked fantastic, are you saying in comparison to the 360 or the PC version?
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    I want to encourage any old school scrubs fans to give the new season a shot. All they lost was JD and Carla, but all the old regulars are back plus the new kids. It's just as funny as it ever was
  9. God of War

    I don't know how you can say the boss fights weren't as epic, I mean think about the chronos battle? Or hell even the hades battle scale was easily as intense as anything in GOW2.
  10. How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

    I think its the slow shambling zombie, but one that doesn't spawn out of any dead tissue. Has to be an infected human.
  11. Hey Guys Hey Guys Hey Guys I always wanna be with you.
  12. Heavy Rain

    I thought the problem was that the children sounded too much like children, like they weren't good enough actors because of their age or something. The children and the newscaster were really the only voice acting that was truly bad. The rest of the stuff, like Jayden's voice, just sounds kind of like an accent. I can get over that.
  13. Starcraft 2

    hehehe I just had a nice win today on Scrap Station TvZ. I snuck an SCV in to scout and saw him building a roach warren so I knew the mass roaches were coming, so I walled up, and quick teched to double starports with tech labs, and built 4 banshees so when he attacked me with his 10 roaches he just got owned. Then I flew to his base and rocked him with the banshees he couldn't even attack lol
  14. The Giant Bomb guys hinted they might be doing an endurance run of Deadly Premonition, that might be the easiest way to experience it.
  15. Shatter

    Shatter is indeed amazing, best game of its genre. Ever. I bought and loved it on PSN.
  16. Heavy Rain

    Well let's talk about the plot holes in that story you linked to, spoilers ahead, I'll go step by Step #1 Madison knowing who Shelby is despite having never met- This one is true, the mom tells her that it was Shelby, and she walks out of the room with a look of determination and knowing on her face, when she has never met shelby, that is a little odd, and probably a poor choice of a facial expression, because when she gets to the apartment, she talks like she doesn't know who shelby is. But I'll admit, minor plot hole/ bad direction #2 Victims parents not giving evidence to police These are things like the origami figure in a box or a letter, Maybe the figure I could see, but I can easily see someone not bothering to give the envelope the killers note came in to the cops, the letter sure, but not the envelope Plot Hole #3: This one I agree with, it's tough to see how Jayden could ever actually sneak Ethan out, but he did disguise him and everything, and no one actually looked at the disguised Ethan on the way out, but it is a plot hole that no one would question Jayden about it for sure. #4: Ethan even admitted himself he thought he was the killer, he had the figures in his hands because of his blackouts, his story didn't fit, he was hiding from the cops, he admitted to the psychiatrist about his dreams of drowning children, plus Blake is just the kind of asshole cop who would jump to a conclusion like that, as evidenced by the earlier encounter with Nathaniel. #5 Ethan was obsessed over the origami killer, he thought he was him, reading all the newspapers about him, trying to figure out what was happening during his blackouts, I don't think it's such a stretch to think he could have at one point learned origami and made the figures under his blackouts Oh man I just noticed there are like 15 of these things in that article, I don't want to do them all but you get my point I think. A lot of these things are explainable, and while the plot isn't airtight for sure, it's not nearly as bad as I think that article makes it out to be.
  17. Heavy Rain

    I don't think there are nearly as many plot holes in the game as people are saying. From the conversations I've heard, everyone seems to think the entire narrative falls apart because it's like a swiss cheese of plot holes, I found one or two minor ones, one of them being a strange conflict caused by the epilogues, but for the most part, the "plot holes" can be explained without stretching too much. I think the narrative holds up fine. It's a decent story.
  18. Starcraft 2

    I just tried to add you hermie and it said could not be found, are you in another country besides the US? I heard we might not be able to friend each other, stupid bnet. WHat's the email you registered with? Maybe that will work...
  19. PC Tech questions

    The thumbs crew and a lot of us enjoy Dawn of War 2, it's kind of like playing an RTS without having to worry about building a base while attacking. Almost like playing Diablo with 5 characters at once in a way, fun game. There's also this little game called starcraft 2, if your ego doesn't mind being brutalized by Korean schoolchildren.
  20. Starcraft 2

    Send me a friends invite Hermie, It's Sully.InDahood (Don't ask me why I picked that, its dumb I know, I needed something after the .) I'm in bronze league, I'm alright at the game I guess but no great player by any means I'm down for some 1v1s. I hope they change that identifier system where you have to have both names of a person to send them a friends invite, especially snice it only shows the first one while in a game lol. Also, blizzard is sending out, "Invite a friend" beta keys. I got one today, so start begging your friends that are in for their key if you're not in.
  21. When I hear the name Phaedrus it makes me think of some Final Fantasy fanboy coming out of his basement for a con or something lol. But now I will think of Will Wright.
  22. "If you ever want to see your daughter again bring the money to THE bus station" Oh man I haven't laughed so hard in awhile
  23. Left 4 Thumbs 2

    So how do I get on some of this sunday night L4D2 action? The game finally started working right for me, and I'm down for whatever. I joined the steam group, but is their a specific person that hosts? And when?
  24. EA Presents

    Well as long as EA is making an Atlas Shrugged game maybe they could do EA's The Fountainhead, forget what the book is about, and just make a character action game with a character with a fountain for a head. Like that one pistolhead game lol.
  25. Books, books, books...

    I just finished that new biography on John Adams. Really interesting how he received so much pressure from Both the federalists and republicans, but always stayed true to his own beliefs while president, and while guys like Jefferson were supporting institutionalized slavery, Adams consistently rejected it as deplorable, and was able to see it would cause a conflict after his lifetime.