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  1. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Looks like Trackmania Forever, Sam and Max 104, and Peggle Extreme are all Free on Steam right now. Not sure if its a weekend deal or what.
  2. Who else is picking this up? I grabbed it this morning and it's exactly what you expect, more street fighter 4, but that's just fine by me. I recently got an arcade stick, switching from a pad, so I'm still trying to get use to that, but I'm down to play some other thumbs people on the PS3 version. My PSN Tag is Sully907, everyone post your tags here and let's get to fighting!
  3. Life

    Got an interview for an internship with the Detroit Lions Broadcasting department Thursday. I've been focusing on radio for the past couple of months since I got my degree, but this is going to be heavier on the video production if I get it. I don't even know if its paid or not, so if I were to get it, that would put me in a weird situation of driving 1.5 hours, just for the opportunity to MAYBE get hired in if I'm good enough and they actually need people.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I finally got around to watching Drag me To Hell. Classic Raimi. Manages to be both Scary and funny at the same time. saw the ending coming a little bit, but it was so well executed I still got a kick out of it. Definitely worth seeing.
  5. haha I was just playing Conviction, and heard another gem of a quote from the guards in the research facility level. "Are you hiding with the NERDS fischer?"
  6. Anyone Remember?

    I can't remember if this was in super expert pro or earlier, but I love the whole bit about chris talking about building up his starcraft army, thinking he's doing good, but not being able to see what his opponent is doing, and then all of a sudden he just comes out of the darkness and super rapes you lol.
  7. Anyone Remember?

    That was super expert pro I think with the stacraft discussion, but there has been a lot of that in every episode for like the last 4 I think.
  8. God of War

    Yea the poseidon fight might be the least combat-skills dependent of the boss fights, but I guess that makes sense since it's at the beginning of the game. You do still have to have some skill for those first few sections though to avoid getting hit at higher difficulties, where it can be devastating. It was probably the most graphically impressive fight though, when you finally finish it, and you burst through poseidon like a missile, grab him by the leg and fling him against a rock i was like, "Hollllllyyyyyyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiit" out loud.
  9. Alan Wake

    I am on the hype train for this game now. Especially after listening to Weekend confirmed rave about it and checking out the giant bomb quicklook. Looks like a blast.
  10. It really was an awesome game. The story was definitely convoluted, but they managed to tie up most of the loose ends well enough. I actually have a save before the metal gear fight and the final fight just to be able to relive those moments again.
  11. Hit spacebar to pause playback on itunes...or, you could press pause
  12. That was the end of the show. Scoops told him to shut up and they stopped right there.
  13. Left 4 Thumbs 2

    Valve is doing a good job with the mutators so far. Interesting little twists on the gameplay that will probably get me to play at least once a week to check them out.
  14. I cried when I saw 47 minutes, and I smiled when I heard mention of Puffins. All things considered, I enjoyed this podblast.
  15. MechWarrior 4 re-released for free

    I'm trying to download it but their proprietary P2P software is slow as heck.
  16. Anyone Remember?

    my favorite part of the jeff goldblum bit is chris going, "I bet he gets thats all the time, people going up to him and saying "Grreaaaaaat Stuuuuuf" lol
  17. Anyone Remember?

    also the whole gold game clip is up on youtube.
  18. What's your favorite cold cut.

    Tough to beat a good turkey BLT.
  19. Anyone Remember?

    Oh man I just went back and listened to 39 again because of the nick freakout, but what was actually even funnier were the michael pacter impersonations making him sound like a 60 year old woman who is also a smoker lol.
  20. We've all probably read World War Z, but what would you do if it actually happened, take into account your actual living situation, skillset, etc. I have a decent set of survival skills, I was raised in the cold and I know how to hunt and fish and such if I had to, but right now I'm living in a 1 story michigan house, do not own any guns, and far away from a defendable position. I have a walmart close to me, but that's not exactly a safe place in an apocalypse unless I want to pull off a mad max situation. So I'd probably be screwed to be honest.
  21. Puffins: Let's Roll

    I will be dissapointed if the idle thumbs crew does not buy this and talk about it.
  22. Starcraft 2

    SO who's in the beta now, lets get some games going. Post your IDs. Sully.allgames here
  23. NeoGaf: Any of you post there?

    You should let me have your username
  24. NeoGaf: Any of you post there?

    Sure would be nice to post there. Shame they are a bunch of elitist fucks that deny everyone's applications like it's a country club or something.
  25. Starcraft 2

    Lots of new players thanks to the gamestop beta keys going out. After the new patch I'm a division higher then I was before, in Silver now. Be careful playing ladder if you guys are in gold or higher though, right now theres a quick zergling glitch that blizzard will probably fix by the time you read this, but some people are out there exploiting it.