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  1. E3: The Keynotes

    Well Sony is definitely known for shipping in plants to applaud, not sure if MS does as well. That said, Kevin Butler is genuinely funny in my opinion, and his ads are the best video game related ads in years. Nothing wrong with giving him a little 5 minute sketch.
  2. Send us questions!

    so Nick says Hearts of Iron is like the Mt Everest of strategy games. Does that make it greater than, less then, or equal to the citizen kane of video games?
  3. Red Thumb Redemption

    I'm calling it now, based on how Redemption ends, the next game will be called Red Dead Retribution. I'd bet on that.
  4. Just wait until you get to the chapter about Creepy Watson.
  5. Portal 2

    Now you're comparing the PSN to Wii? Saying players have to actually leave a game just to join a friend? I don't even think you have an agenda here, you're just plain ignorant. You haven't even used PSN at all in the last 2 years it sounds like. I just got done playing a game of SSF4 on PSN where I invited a friend in the game, and he went through the PS XMB to join the game.
  6. Portal 2

    Really dude? You're going to sit there and say the friends features are THAT bad? Sure you can't initiate a voice chat across a game, but you can send a text message, you can initiate video AND voice chats outside of a game, you can see what game your friends are playing, almost every game has a way to follow, join, or invite friends to a game. You don't need to be some PC elitist about it just because it isn't QUITE as good.
  7. Portal 2

    Looks like the game is getting a PS3 port now as well day and date. Newell actually showed up at the sony presser with some clever lines written for him and a nice Kevin Butler joke.
  8. Red Dead Redemption

    Yea the beavers are tough to find. Basicly the best place to find bunches of them, is right in that open field between tall tree and the area just to the right of it on the map, and ride up and down the river until you see them. It's kind of a messed up quest because you have to have unlocked the third area, but it doesn't tell you that when you take the quest.
  9. Red Dead Redemption

    I actually don't know if they change. I've been to each one once. Anyone know?
  10. Red Dead Redemption

    yea the little nickelodeons you can watch are hilarious. Oh, and one side note quest, do the flowers for a lady quest people, I don't want to spoil it, but you'll be glad you did heh.
  11. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I think the Watson thing was because they couldn't afford/didn't know how to animate characters walking, so they did that teleportation thing to try to compensate.
  12. Joe Danger

    I was thinking about getting this, but I always hesitate at the 15 dollar price point for a downloadable game. Tough to justify when I can go on steam right now and buy something like batman arkum for 20...
  13. Alpha Protocol

    This seems to be the most divisive game that's come out since Assasin's Creed/ Deadly Premonition. Most of the podcasts I've listened to seem to be panning the game critically, but then they get abused by the message board denizens that all seem to think the game is good.
  14. Starcraft 2

    Yea queens are definitely key to early defense for zerg. Hell. Don't be afraid to build more then one if you are against an agressive opponent and you were going for a fast expansion or something
  15. Life

    On the lighter note, being in the midwest kind of sucks for a standup comic fan like myself, the scene is pretty much dead as far as live performances go, but I just found out one of my favorite comics, Brian Regan, is performing in a suburb of the city I live in tonight, so I got the night off work and I'm going! should be a blast.
  16. Other podcasts

    Ok, this is amazing, an online friend of mine turned me onto My Brother, My Brother, and My Brother podcast, It's the Mcaleroy brothers, one of them I think worked for n4g and has been a guest on some other gaming podcasts, it's not even gaming related, but what's so brilliant is they just take random questions from every kind of source. Email, blog comments, and the best, they pull random Yahoo answers questions and answer those like they were directed at them! It's really hard to explain why its so funny, but just listen to the most recent episode, and see if it's your thing. their voices are a little annoying, but you can get past it quickly.
  17. Books, books, books...

    Yea the Know Nothing party is actually the liberty party, they changed their name to Liberty when they actually decided to put forth a presidential canidate.
  18. Nah that's not it, Chris just gets up and Goes, "If the hat don't fit, you must aquit!"
  19. If Chris got arrested, he will choose to represent himself in court, and will probably use the wizard defense.
  20. Books, books, books...

    Frederick douglass was not very supportive on lincoln during the early years of his presidency, because Lincoln was very moderate about the issue of slavery, he was not for immediate abolishment like some of the more radical members of his party. The original Republican party was created from mostly former members of the Whig party, some more moderate anti slavery democrats, abolitionists, and anti immigrant party called the liberty party haha, quite a mix of people. The funny thing about the liberty party, was that they were staunch abolitionists, but HATED immigrants and christians. Talk about a weird set a beliefs. Lincoln succeeded politically mainly from his down to earth demeanor and speech rhetoric. At first glance many of his rivals brushed him off as some country bumpkin, but he proved his intelligence to the doubters time and time again. in his speeches he used a lot of metaphors the common man could understand, and he knew exactly what he was doing
  21. Books, books, books...

    I'm working on Team of Rivals by francis kearns goodwin, biography of lincoln and his cabinet, focusing on the lives of those other men and their interactions with lincoln before, during, and after the civil war. Lots of great info about the cabinet's decisions during the war, some good, some bad. Also a lot of history about the beginnings of the republican party and the shifting attitudes during the abolitionist movement.
  22. Other podcasts

    I think a life well wasted has been abandoned though, he did those few episodes and called it quits after it didn't catch on from the looks of it.
  23. Wizaaaaaards!!

    FEmale wizards? I WILL HAVE NONE OF IT SIR
  24. Anyone Remember?

    Still no new Idle Thumbs? I can't consume any intelligent Video game content unless its interlaced with nerd memes! So I'm basically saying it's their fault I'm dumb.
  25. Other podcasts

    YEa Weekend confirmed is great, Garnett is a fantastic host as always, and Kanata provides the comic relief. "I'm gonna cut a birch" lmao instant classic.