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  1. So far I like the new mode a lot more then diretide, it's quick, crazy, and a nice distraction from the regular game. Lots of easy to get items too!
  2. solo queing can suck someitmes, but I've had lots of good experiences and met some cool people in there to party up with later. It's all about making the most of the situation. Get on mic or text chat and just engage people with jokes, banter, or just game talk, take the leadership position.
  3. yea ursa can steamroll pretty quickly if you don't disable him in a team fight. Him and huskar, You need to focus them down or they will obliterate you.
  4. I just had an epic game as enigma where an ult triple kill won us the game after a long one. I want to make a video for it like twig. Do you know how I can capture it man? I have a trial version of fraps but that ain't good enough I know. Any other free ware out there i should try?
  5. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    There's also been talk about making the game explain itself better and being more straight forward. Which is totally fine with me. I've seen a lot of souls purists complaining they are going to make the game less complex, but that seems dumb to me. They can tell players how the stats and upgrades work better, while still maintaining the inherent complexity of the combat system and difficulty.
  6. Yea if a player declines the match, you get thrown in the high priority pool, and usually get into another game in like 5-10 seconds.
  7. I did enjoy that jakiro video with the ska music in it, you're right, funny timing.
  8. DOTA 2

    I wonder what the incentives will be for players to do the "mentoring" valve has talked about. It would have to be items or battle points bonuses or something tangible. I don't think veteran players would do it for faster matchmaking priority or out of the goodness of their hearts.
  9. DOTA 2

    I use the voice chat when it's not going to disturb my wife, it does make it more fun and easy to play strategically. I heard in the next patch they are working on a codec that's going to make the voice chat a bit better
  10. DOTA 2

    Yea I remember how confusing the store was as a new player. they definitely need to make a video or something for the learn section showing how it's all laid out and how the tiered item buying system works.
  11. Been on an absolute roll recently. Six wins in a row. Probably means I'm due for a run of like 6 losses. Can't WAIT for that!
  12. yea if alchemist gets his farm going, either getting to a hand of midas or a hyperstone, he can obliterate whole teams with like a .35 attack speed, high damage, high hp, and a good initiation stun. When you think of a DPS carry you normally think of someone like clinkz or sniper or drow that a team can focus fire down at the start of a team fight if they're organized. You can't really do that to alchemist.
  13. I would love to see something equivalent of the starcraft micro challenge custom maps. Maybe something like you and one here each at level 1, with 3 waves of creeps, and whoever gets more last hits gets the "point" And then it moves onto another mini game.
  14. The only cool thing about it was both teams teaming up to take down super roshan as fast as possible at the end. Still like the idea of valve trying new modes though
  15. Seriously starting to do a whole lot better more consistently in this game. Feels good man
  16. Don't you want the nuke to help on last hits in lane and harrass? or is it too expensive? I don't really play jakiro
  17. Loving a lot of the changes so far. My longtime favorite axe, got a buff to be even more boss like then ever. Treant can now globally heal towers after a teams failed push, to get them ready to go for the next fight I want to start playing as doombringer again so I can check out his buffs.
  18. I love that new ability for treant protector. Actually being able to heal towers is amazing.
  19. Yea anything that encourages teamwork, scouting, and less, "I'm only in it for me" play I'm all for.
  20. agi gain means how much agi he's gaining per level up right? Will this patch be on dota 2 as well?
  21. Vanaman and I had an epic lords session late last night. I was trying out venomancer for the first time(he's really fun) and he was lich in bot radiant pulling the lane for this badass spirit breaker who carried our team with like a 24/4 score. The game was actually really close, but eventually we just started winning teamfights and were able to outpush them. Now I see why so many people play venomancer. throwing like 10 of those wards down next to a tower is insanely fun for some reason
  22. So is meepo just pretty much impossible to use well unless you're some super lord? I tried practicing triggering the poofs then blinking in with the main one, but its so hard to pull off, let alone in a real game with real players. The micro skills needed to do so seem super restrictive.
  23. Creepy Pokemon hack story this article pretty much speaks for itself. Very bizarre but also totally fascinating that things like this continue to exist.