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  1. Life

    I think I've decided that my brother and I's idea of what home life should be is too different, and I think I'm going to move into a place with the girlfriend. This is not going to be a fun discussion telling him that though, when for the past two months we've been planning on getting another place together.
  2. Life

    I think the water costs were only the initial cause of friction, now it's turned into both of them feeling insulted by the other. She's mad that he can't even respect her enough to let her take a shower, and he's mad she intruded on a private conversation he intended to have with just me
  3. Life

    *sigh* So I thought I was done with these kind of major life changes after I moved out of my dysfunctional household, but here it is. I'm not really sure if I'm asking for advice or just shared experiences, as this is still a fresh event. Short version-My girlfriend of 6 months occassionally stays the night at my apartment, which my brother and I share rent on. She takes showers here, sometimes as much as twice a week. This issue of her, "using our water" as he puts it, and not paying for it, has put a somewhat constant level of tension between them in place, not so much on my relationship with her, but on theirs. Her and I both work at the same restaurant, so we carpool sometimes. Today, my brother sent me a text of concern about how much water she was using and the length of her showers, she looked at my text message and responded, feeling insulted that she was an unwelcome guest. She responded to my brother, on my phone, "Thanks for getting involved, ass" My brother was appropriately insulted, and is furious that a guest in our home would verbally abuse him like that. Keep in mind, I don't personally have an issue with her looking at my texts, as I have nothing to hide or any serious privacy issues with her. So now she is essentially unwelcome in our place. To complicate matters, our lease is up in a month, I'm not sure how big of an issue this will be or evolve into, but I might have a serious decision to make about which one of these important people in my life I want to sign a new lease with starting next month.
  4. General Video Game Deals Thread

    oh I'm sorry, didn't read the whole post, I fail
  5. General Video Game Deals Thread

    What I would reccomend to you is to give AC1 a try, but if it frustrates you, just watch the rest of the story cutscenes on youtube or something, AC2 is one of the biggest jumps in quality I've ever seen in a sequel, the story is fun, and by the time you finish it, you will be able to find a nice deal on brotherhood probably.
  6. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Thanks for doing that, I always forget the right forum code to do the embed.
  7. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    This kid absolutely owns the thriller dance during a break at a baseball game. So good
  8. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    Deadwood is enjoyable because of 2 or 3 strong characters, and it's over the top vulgarity. I'd say give it a shot if you enjoyed the sopranos or Kings
  10. inFamous

    Mass Effect has some good conversational choices, but in the end, your choices still don't really matter, they don't affect how the story turns out, they don't really change the characters you get to interact with, and it becomes just as binary as infamous(Unless they magically pull together consequences for all your choices in ME3)
  11. inFamous

    The good and evil choices definitely aren't meaningful in the second game either, but the game has a lot to offer besides that, and let's be honest, there's like 2 or 3 other games out there that actually make choices of grey meaningful, dragon age and fallout "maybe"
  12. inFamous

    I've been playing Infamous 2, and I have to say, it's pretty damn fun. The controls are spot on, maybe the best I've played for an open world game. You always feel like you can navigate exactly how and where you want to at any time, the powers are fun to use and they even help navigation, and the framerate and enemy variety, the two biggest issues the first game had, are completely fixed. On the negative end, the open world jank rears it's ugly head occasionally. Sometimes the ambient sound in the game from passing NPCs and trolleycars doesn't even exist, and sometimes enemies will just stop attacking and stand there. Fortunately this only happened like twice in my entire playthrough, so it's a minor problem. The story and choice consequences are also nothing special still, but it's nice to have the different power options. I'd reccomend this game to anyone that even thought the first one was interesting at all. It really is a quality experience
  13. So you better apply the same standard to Valve for not selling L4D2 on Direct 2 Drive or Origin.
  14. Origin existing as a competitor to steam is not a bad thing people. Having more outlets fighting for our dollars is only a good thing for the end consumer. Steam wasn't all sunshine and lollipops when it first launched either, and if EA wants to draw people away from it, they will have to up their game with more features or better prices.
  15. For me bad company was just an evolution of the older battefield games. The destructibility of the environments actually adds a lot more to the combat then you would think at first glance. Vehicle usage becomes more important, squad communications become more important, it all adds up to a really great shooter experience for me
  16. Starcraft II

    Been trying to get my skill back by working on my mechanics in observer games. I added you canadianJohn
  17. Bad Company 2 was already the best multiplayer shooter on the market in my opinion(Team Fortress 2 is great as well don't kill me) so I'm really excited for Battlefield 3, even if my PC will only be able to run it on a lower setting.
  18. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    yea that guy is great. I love watching his medly videos
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    I have two episodes left in the west wing. Really nice finale arch to it.
  20. E3 2K11

    I think if you take a game like battlefield 3 for example, or the Witcher 2. Two games PC gamers point to as examples of powerful PCs really making a difference, the Console versions of those games, from comments the developers have made, is is like running them on medium settings, for most people, including myself, that's enough. I don't care if rock texture #17 looks better if I have to spend an extra 300 dollars to get it.
  21. Far Cry 3

    I thought the performance of that villain was enthralling. Can't wait to play it after loving Far Cry 2
  22. E3 2K11

    All of these games are just getting better and better each year, why would anyone want to rush to a new generation where everyone has to develop new game engines and start from scratch?
  23. For me, battlestar was full of great moments, and some great characters(I got into it late as well) But ultimately it took a strange turn, with some really bizarre storylines, and bad plots that didn't really fit the characters they established.
  24. Sony Shitshow

    You mean your name, and address? Yea I'm sure those weren't easily available on the internet already.
  25. Sony Shitshow

    Not that I'm some big PS Plus supporter, I never even had it until now, but it's not really "Useless" I just downloaded like 4 free games that I will probably finish before my free month is up, and I also just checked the automatic funding option, and it looks like mine defaults to off, so the issue you speak of, probably won't ever occur.