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  1. Wow less then ten days between episodes! This is the most great
  2. Super joy!! But the NP game made me want to buy a gun
  3. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    This my first real game and i'm learning a lot.
  4. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    Would like to try a smaller map though
  5. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    It's all about the struggles in each corner of the map. Trying make your way to the top. Wondering if you can trust the powerful neighbors, or if you should deffend the weak. These are just some storys. I can't even begin to wonder about the crap storms happening in the center
  6. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    yeah about that. the Puffin Galaxy started at a horrible time for me. when i finally started i was all ready boned. oh well
  7. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    What time are yall going to start the game??
  8. i still cant get the podcast. help please
  9. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Cool I'm just looking for a game to start but I have realy odd hours
  10. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    i just got in. i'm bdmonkey in the game. any tips for a newbee
  11. The Day Halo 2 Died

    Halo 2 was a bit of a let down after the first halo. I sold my Game cube for a pre-ordre, oh well must have played 100 hours. it was still awsome
  12. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    man that game was good, at first. but all of the endings where so harsh. they both made me feel like an ass
  13. How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?