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  1. 1Q84

    The Kindle version is fine. That's where i read it
  2. 1Q84

    I've also read Norwegian Wood. The pacing also seem quite deliberate. He has a great way of making the reader get to know the main characters. It too was a great read
  3. 1Q84

    Yeah, that loneliness was one of the things that kept me going. The entire time, I was just waiting for something to work out for them. It made the times that the characters spent with other people that much more interesting. Specifically Aomame's time at the dowagers estate.
  4. PS Vita

    I'm looking fowardt to the updated version of Persona 4 for the vita. I think i might just get the system when it comes out. Also the Final Fantasy 10 remake. I feel bad for making half way through on the PS2. I have been itching to give it another shot for a couple of years. But I have not had a PS2 in like six years.
  5. Team Fortress 2 Co-op! Mann vs. Machine

    So i still need to wait thirty minutes to play, and every now and then it crashes. but in the mean time. dose any one have any strats for this. i still have not played a single match
  6. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    yes me also
  7. Python or ruby

    So i am interested in learning code. I have narrowed my choices to either python or ruby. I have a small amount of knowledge of java, but i really want to learn something else. Dose anyone have experience with these, or advice on where i can learn. Some practical advice would be appreciated.
  8. Python or ruby

    Hmmm. Well in that case what would you say is a good goal for a novice. I think one of the biggest problems I have is setting my own goals.
  9. Python or ruby

    I just have quit a bit of time after work, so insted of Skyrim, I thought learning code might me a healthy alernative. I guess I'm going to give python a try
  10. Laptop cooling

    So my dell xps 15 is getting noticeabley hotter lately. Has any one had any expieance and or recommendations for a good laptop cooler. It's a fifteen inch laptop
  11. Laptop cooling

    Tell me about it it took four hours of talking with coustomer service, just so they come replace the mother board. And then in the new one the two USB 3 didnt work. They said they won't replace it unless I get new two hundred dollar warranty. It was the worst expieance I've had in a long time.
  12. Laptop cooling

    Yeah it heats up with just about any thing. And the fan never turns off. But the warranty only covers one mother board replacement. So I'm out of luck if it happends agin.
  13. Laptop cooling

    I opened it up last night and cleaned every thing up. It still gets quit hot. This laptop over heated befor and I had to get the mother board replaced. So I do get a little worried about the heat.

    just gave fifty more bucks for a total of one hundred. its worth it for the all the times i have listen to all the episodes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
  15. Sweet Desktop Backdrops

    So I'm looking for some sweet images to use as my desktop backdrops, but I'm too lazy to go find some. so dose anyone have any sweet ideas. or just some cool ones are fine.

    it's funny to think 9/11 happened 10 years ago, anyone remember what you were doing that day. I was in the sixth grade and our teacher didn't let us watch channel one, and at lunch time my bud told me that a plan crashed int the Empire State building. ha kids. But what dose this death mean for us today. Will the government stop spending most of my tax money on defense?
  17. anime

    I loved The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but the second season got kind of hard to watch with the whole Endless Eight part. Also the ending, i felt, was a little lack luster, and left me wanting more. Over all it was great. About the Persona 4 anime dose any know when its coming out? I really enjoyed the Persona 3 anime
  18. Questions about PSP and PS2

    persona 3 is a great choice. Can anyone tell me if Tactics Ogre is any good. I know you said you didn't care about Final Fantasy, but FF Tactics is great. Also has anyone played Valkyria Chronicles II?
  19. Shogun 2: Total War

    Well I am realy enjoying this game. This is the forth Total War game I've played. I skipped empire. I realy love the new map. It gives weight everything you. You fell like every move is important. So far I'm loving it. But I could use some clearing up on what some of the agents do. I get the ninja, but I would like some explanations on how can I use the other guys to the fullest.
  20. Atom Zombie Smasher

    I just got Atom Zombie Smasher on steam, but it runs real bad on my new machine. It is a descent, and runs Starcraft 2 on high just well. Is any one else having problems with it
  21. Atom Zombie Smasher

    Wow, it looks like a cool new twist on strategic zombie killn'. I loved flotilla, and I am looking fowerd to this. I never played gravity bone, was that any good
  22. I need a new gaming mouse

    So I just got a new PC, but I need a new mouse. I usually play Starcraft 2 and some slower strategy games "Shogun Total War" and stuff. I have no idea whats a good mouse and I have kind of big hands. Any tips?
  23. I need a new gaming mouse

    I was trying to decide between a razor imperator ergo, or a G9, but thanks to y'alls *suggestions I made my mind up. G9 it's is! Unless you can convince me other wise
  24. Starcraft II

    I played for the first time since the begining of February last weekend. Just some bronze 2v2 with a buddy, and nither of us have much skill but man we had a five game win streak aginst some gold and platinum guys. I think someone was just having a bad day
  25. Thumb War: Shogun 2

    Man I'm so pumped for this game!! Unfortunately on account of school and work I can't spend any time on gaming. I'm gona have to wait until about the middle of april to get into it